California’s Latest Answer to Climate Change

Recent legislation from California shows the world just how thoroughly the political left has swallowed the climate change KoolAid.  Let's look at the bill that Governor Gavin Newsom passed into law on October 9, 2021.

Here is Assembly Bill 1346 in its entirety:

The bill proposes that by July 1, 2022, the state board will adopt cost-effective and technically feasible regulations to prevent engine exhaust and emissions from new small off-road engines (SORE) (i.e. generators, lawn mowers, leaf blowers etcetera) with the regulations to be applied to engines produced on or after January 1, 2024 or as soon as the state board determines its feasibility, whichever is later.

Here is the history of Assembly Bill Number 1346 as it evolved into law:

Here is the analysis of AB 1346 with key points highlighted:


Notice that the following very important issues that have not yet been considered by California's decision makers:

1.) Legislators in California have not considered the impact of increased demand for electricity for the charging of the batteries for this equipment.

2.) The high cost of battery-operated commercial equipment and the fact that multiple batteries will be required which will need frequent recharging and replacement.

3 Banning the sales of new internal combustion small engine equipment could result in the prolonged use of older, dirtier engines and the purchase of equipment from out-of state.

4.) The State of California will be obliged to fund a program that will provide incentive funding to implement zero-emission small off-road equipment purchases.

5.) The availability of zero-emission commercial equipment of this type is basically unknown.

The state legislators in California are making the same illogical decisions that are plaguing the rest of the world when politicians try to create a so-called green economy.  While the equipment itself may not produce any greenhouse gas emissions, the electricity to charge this equipment has to come from somewhere and the sun doesn't shine every day and the wind doesn't blow every day.  As well, there is a significant carbon footprint to the mining of lithium batteries, the current element used in rechargeable batteries.

As is typical of governments, talk is cheap but the cost of their actions will cost small businesses, particularly in the landscaping sector, a great deal of money and may result in very little impact on greenhouse gas emissions.  But, then again, given Gavin Newsom's links to the World Economic Forum at its Great Reset movement, why should anyone be surprised at this move?

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