How To Turn Your Bedroom Into A Gentle Alarm Clock

The colder it gets, the harder it is to drag ourselves out of bed each morning — it's a brutal awakening each and every time! When it’s cold and dreary out, the last thing anyone wants is to take one step outside of the cozy comfort of bed. A cursory glance about the internet makes it quite clear that there are a whole lot of resources for sleep aids, but precious little information on how to wake up gently and peacefully. But contrary to popular belief, it is actually possible to make the early morning routine a little less harrowing.

You can actually look forward to waking up every morning by simply transforming your bedroom into a functional morning haven. There’s no need to be thrust into the cold, harsh reality of day when there are so many goodies out there to softly guide your re-entry into the waking world. We’ve put together a list of everything you need to start your day on the right foot — it’s time to literally rise and shine!

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Ecobee Smart Thermostat

Is there anything more brutal than waking up to a freezing cold bedroom? A Smart Thermostat makes sure your room is at a comfortable temperature upon your waking hour, making it much easier to slide out of bed. 

Ecobee Smart Thermostat, $, available at Amazon

Crosley Bluetooth Radio Speaker

This sweet little bluetooth radio speaker can play whatever your heart desires first thing in the morning, whether it’s NPR or some quiet piano music. How civilized!

Crosley Bluetooth Radio, $, available at Urban Outfitters

Safavieh Shag Trellis Area Rug

Instead of stepping onto your cold floors first thing in the morning, add a soft, plush rug to your bedside for a much more pleasant experience.

Safavieh Area Rug, $, available at Amazon

Vitruvi Stone Essential Oil Diffuser

Load up this essential oil diffuser with bright, energizing oil scents like citrus, peppermint, or rosemary to put a little spring in your step and awaken the senses.

Vitruvi Diffuser, $, available at Amazon

Pompom Gauze Window Curtain

Blackout curtains are a dream come true when you want to sleep until noon but aren’t exactly conducive to waking up bright and early. A gauzy curtain in a peachy pink or bronze shade will gently let light in without feeling like you’re being attacked by the sun, and as a bonus looks absolutely adorable.

Urban Outfitters Gauze Curtain, $, available at Urban Outfitters

Astura Citrus and Eucalyptus Mist

Hit your bedroom with a revitalizing mister first thing in the morning and carry that fresh energy with you for the rest of the day.

Astura Aromatherapy Mist, $, available at Amazon

Monogrammed Bedside Water Carafe

Waking up parched makes for a deeply unpleasant early morning experience, so having a chic carafe and glass ready to go on your nightstand means you won’t have to bolt out of bed to quench your thirst.

Cathys Concepts Water Carafe, $, available at Nordstrom

LBell Sunrise Simulation Alarm

Chances are you’ve seen these sunrise simulator alarms before, and with good reason. This popular lamp mimics the gentle rising of the sun, allowing your body to slowly adjust to daylight as opposed to the abrupt screeching of a traditional alarm clock.

LBell Alarm Clock, $, available at Amazon

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