Holiday Gifts for People Starting Their Resolutions Early

Hunting down the perfect holiday gift for everyone on your list is always tricky, like finding a needle in a hay — er — tinsel stack. Here’s a hack for narrowing down your options to a land on a present that’s sure to make your loved one’s day: Go with something that helps them achieve a goal.

If you know someone well, you probably know their “I wishes”. Meaning, “I wish I could get into meditating” or “I wish I could eat healthier” or “I wish I could quit ordering $20 salads in for lunch.”

Once you tease out their big self-hope goals for themselves, look for gifts that offer up a solution. Think of it as giving your friends and family a jump start on their New Year’s resolutions. These fun and functional finds are a great start — they’d help anyone level up.


The resolution: Cook more at home

The gift: The Instant Pot is everything you’ve heard it can be, and will be worshipped by anyone who wishes they could cook at home more — if only they had more time. The brand’s “Duo Nova” version offers 12 one-touch programs for whipping up everything from soups to poultry to yogurt. The handy kitchen tool can pressure cook, sauté, steam, slow cook food. Even cleanup is fast: The “pot” is dishwasher safe.


The resolution: Get fit

The gift: This Fitbit smartwatch is the gift that keeps on giving: perfect for tracking progress on their health & wellness goals and the easiest way to kickstart a new workout habit for 2020.


The resolution: Do more yoga

The gift: Sure, any old pair will do. But these gorgeous, super-comfy special edition leggings are the best way to get a friend super-excited about hitting up the yoga studio. They’re functional too: They have a pocket on the waistband your giftee can keep an extra hair tie in so there are no unfortunate accidents during downward dog. Get them before they sell out.


The resolution: Journal more

The gift: A sleek, sophisticated looking notebook would be enough on its own. But take things to the next level: Write a challenge on every page, with a prompt to journal about the experience below. Think: “Visit a museum alone. Your favorite piece?”


The resolution: Get mindful

The gift: Marie Kondo’s crystal-tuning fork combo is perfect for a beginner meditator. On her site, she recommends striking the tuning fork against this rose quartz gem for a tone that will “restore your sense of balance.” Listening to the tone can kickstart a meditation, or can be a mindful moment in and of itself.


The resolution: Find a workout they love and stick with it

The gift: A ClassPass gift card is the ultimate present for anyone who wants to get into fitness but isn’t sure where to start. The platform will give your friend access to fitness studios and gyms all over select cities, so they can figure out if they’re more of a bootcamp or barre junkie.


The resolution: Make the bed

The gift: It sounds like a simple goal. But making this tiny organizational move each morning is easier said than done for some. Having cute and classy throw pillows as a finishing touch for a beautifully made-up bed will give your on-the-go buddy extra incentive to deal with their tangled sheets every single day.


The resolution: Read more

The gift: There’s so much media to consume these days that it can be difficult to find a moment alone with a good book and a cup of tea. But this page-turner from Sally Rooney is a hard to put down, so it’s sure to get your friends in the groove of reading every day

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