How To Get The Most Out Of Your Makeout Sessions

Making out is seriously underrated. After you start having sex with a new partner, your kissing time can get cut down in favor of other activities… but it doesn’t have to be that way. Making out for ages first can make sex feel even better and of course, it’s super-pleasurable on its own too.

Kissing with tongue, aka French kising, is “a real party in your mouth that can heighten foreplay and arousal,” Andréa Demirjian, kissing expert and author of KISSING: Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About One of Life’s Sweetest Pleasures, previously told Refinery29. And making out isn’t limited to French kissing (though it can include plenty of it). Neck kisses, ear kisses, touching each other over (or under) your clothes, and even dry-humping can all be included, too.  

Keep in mind that making out will be different person to person — one person might love ear kisses, while the next thinks they tickle. "Great kissing is part knowledge, part attitude, and part skill," Eric Marlowe Garrison, an AASECT-certified clinical sexologist and author, previously told Refinery29. "There is also no universal definition of a great kiss, so learning how to kiss well is a game of show and tell.” 

If you’re lost on how to begin making out, here’s what to do — take these tips as a general guideline, and feel free to improvise.

Start with a kiss

As the Killers sang, “It started out with a kiss, how did it end up like this?” Every good makeout sesh starts with a smooch — usually a closed-mouth one.
Illustrated by Twisha Patni

Add tongue

After you have been kissing for a minute or several, slowly ramp up the intensity, and then introduce tongue. Begin by touching your tongue to your partner’s, moving it gently. “The tongue is a very strong muscle – it should only be served with finesse,” as Demirjian said. As you spend more time making out, your tongue kissing can get more intense.Illustrated by Twisha Patni

Kiss their neck

Our necks are packed with sensitive nerve endings, so kissing your partner’s can really turn them on. Be careful you’re gentle enough not to leave a hickey (or just get your partner’s okay first).

Illustrated by Twisha Patni

Don’t forget your hands

Making out isn’t just about your mouth. Touch your partner’s face, hair, back, chest, breasts, or butt as you kiss them — go ahead and grab on too.Illustrated by Twisha Patni

Use your teeth (if you want)

If you or your partner is into biting, gently nibbling their neck, ear, lip, or even shoulder can feel great.

Illustrated by Twisha Patni

Let your partner lead

Making out isn’t all about what you want. If you’re the one initiating, when the moment feels right, let your partner take the more dominant role.
Illustrated by Twisha Patni

Get creative

Makeouts should be fun — so get creative. Dry-hump, grope each other, experiment with temperature play, add dirty talk — the sky’s the limit. Have fun! 

Illustrated by Twisha Patni

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