Gracious Gifts Virgos Will Cherish

We're all still stuck on what feels like day 13413871 of quarantine and yet, somehow, we've already blown through summer AND Leo season. But, it's not all bad news because when one Zodiac sign closes another opens — and folks: the palate-cleansing dawn of Virgo is upon us, bringing with it a dose of cozy fall vibes. In celebration, we called up Lisa Stardust to pick her brilliant astrologist's brain on the best buys for this calm and collected sign.

Although a positively optimistic zodiac member, Virgos can still be tricky to shop for due to their inherent competitive-gifter nature (I'm a Virgo and possess what my friends describe as Guitar-Hero-expert-level gifting abilities). "Virgos will prefer simplistic and practical gifts over extravagant indulgences," Stardust explains. "When purchasing a gift for them, keep in mind that they like to meld style and earthiness together with a touch of vintage feels." Another thing to keep in mind? Don't underestimate the impact of a small but thoughtful prezzie: "They want to be inspired by a gift and cherish it every day," Stardust adds. As the "masterful helpers" of the zodiac, a birthday present can be a great way to allow Virgos a moment of self-care — a little something we could all use amidst this uncertainty-charged climate.

Whether it's the perfect home décor objet or a luxurious skincare essential, we've rounded up 15 gracious gift ideas that any Virgo will cherish. (I would know, because I am one!)


Harry Potter Mini Puzzle Collector's Set

During quarantine, a whimsical puzzle (or seven!) is bound to keep any Hogwarts-loving Virgo busy while at home.

New York Puzzle Company Harry Potter Mini Puzzle Collector's Set, $, available at Barnes & Noble

Society6 Soft Shapes I Coaster

Coasters: the ultimate sign of adulthood, amirite? "Not only will a set of coasters help Virgo avoid ring stains, but it is perfect to enrich their fascination and love of nature," Stardust says.

Society6 Soft Shapes I Coaster, $, available at Society6

Moleskine Book Journal

A book for chronicling the books you've read — it's definitely a little meta, and you bet that appeals to the Virgo sensibility. "A chic journal is an amazing gift for analytical Virgo, who lives for expressing themselves through the written word," Stardust says.

Moleskine Book Journal, $, available at Amazon

Flower Waves, Mountain, Cloud Vase

"A vase with beautiful bright flowers is always a nice gift for the earth sign that falls at the end of summer," Stardust says. Enter, this R29-editor favorite from Etsy.

LightshadowArt Flower, Waves, Mountain, cloud Vase, Sample Design, $, available at Etsy

Jo Malone London Wood Sage & Sea Salt Cologne

Even if you're not out and about, a little fragrance can go a long way to transform your mood. "An earthy perfume will seduce their senses while transmuting them to a pleasurable dimension and state of mind," Stardust explains.

Jo Malone London Wood Sage & Sea Salt Cologne, $, available at Sephora

Nails Inc. Keep It Tonal Nail Polish Set

Over the course of quarantine, you've probably gotten pretty damn good at doing your nails — not to mention, all over trends like the whole color-on-each-nail thing. "Virgos don’t like over-the-top manicures," Stardust says. "This muted nail polish set is not only ideal for their color palette of choice but also perfect for the last days of summer." (P.S. I own this set, and can confirm it is everything.)

Nails Inc. Keep It Tonal Nail Polish Set, $, available at Sephora

Half Baked Harvest Cookbook: Recipes from My Barn in the Mountains

If you're anything like me, you've traded in epic meal-prepping for next-level home-cooked dishes. "A cookbook is the perfect gift for Virgo, who loves to create healthy and flavorful meals," Stardust says.

Tieghan Gerard Half Baked Harvest Cookbook: Recipes from My Barn in the Mountains, $, available at Amazon

Lesse Bioactive Face Mask

"Cleanliness is next to godliness — which is a sentiment Virgos have a rep for understanding far too well," Stardust explains. "Virgos will flip over a restorative face mask to boost their beauty routine." This luxurious, consciously-created mask from Lesse is the ultimate "less is more" moment.

Lesse Bioactive Face Mask, $, available at Saks Fifth Avenue

Lelo Gigi 2

Appeal to Virgo's "kinky and freaky side" with a super-sleek G-spot vibe that will definitely be appreciated by the at-times uptight sign.

LELO GIGI 2, $, available at LELO

RBT Waiter's Corkscrew

Who doesn't appreciate a nice glass of wine? According to Stardust, a fancy bottle opener is just the kind of gift that Virgos will enjoy every time they enjoy a bottle during an at-home happy hour on the fire escape.

RBT Waiter's Corkscrew, $, available at Verishop

Slip Pure Silk Sleep Mask – Day Spa

"As we know, Virgos work extra hard and at times, too much — which means they’ll need the ultimate sleep experience," Stardust explains. "A chic sleeping mask will be perfect for having amazing shut-eye and sweet dreams."

Slip pure silk sleep mask – Day Spa, $, available at DermStore

Nécessaire The Body Wash

Classic, refined, and positively chic — yes, apt words to describe tastemaker Virgo, but also this elevated body wash from Nécessaire.

Nécessaire The Body Wash, $, available at Sephora

Modern Sprout Smoked Glass Garden Grow Kit

What do sourdough, Dalgona coffee, and cloud bread all have in common? In addition to being delicious, they all blew TF up during quarantine — and gardening is poised to join the elite crew of at-home pastimes. Get your Virgo friends started with this hydroponic (grown in water, not soil) plant kit.

Modern Sprout Smoked Glass Garden Grow Kit, $, available at Food52

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