Animal Crossing Superfans: Dress Up As Your Favorite Villager For Halloween (IRL)

The minute Animal Crossing: New Horizons hit the market last March, old school Nintendo fans did not hesitate to re-dedicate their lives to the infamous debt-collecting raccoon, Tom Nook. Even curious newbies got fully hooked right after setting up their tents. To top it off, the game did not disappoint in introducing tons of wacky new villagers that weren't just instant fan-favorites but were also 100% prime Halloween-costume material.

We gathered up eight different Animal Crossing ensembles ranging from "Cosplay Professional" to "Last-Minute Halloween Hero" that will give your own avatar's outfit a run for their money. Don't let the game's Halloween costume update distract you from dressing yourself up IRL on the 31st — click on through to find the items and accessories that will help you absolutely nail your AC-superfan outfit this spooky season.

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Classic Tom Nook Shirt

The famous Tom Nook button-up. This could be a great addition to a more detailed portrayal, or just worn alone for a simple nod to Mr. Nook.

Shop YuDanae

YuDanae Tom Nook Cosplay Shirt, $, available at Amazon

Tom Nook Ears

These cute and fuzzy ears can bring any Tom Nook cosplay to life.

Shop ZombieLandSquad

ZombieLoveSquad Raccoon Ears, with or with out Tail in Black and Grey / OR Brown and Tan Kitty Cat Ears, $, available at Etsy

Complete Isabelle Outfit

This outfit is for the professional cosplayer. It comes with everything you could need for the most accurate cosplay of Isabelle — including her quintessential question mark.

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Nuoqi Isabelle Cosplay Outfit, $, available at Amazon

Isabelle Shirt

This shirt is the epitome of a low-maintenance meets high-efficiency costume. Skip over the tiny details and just throw this all-in-one ensemble on for a quick, easy, and accurate Isabelle Halloween portrayal.

Shop httpkoopa

httpkoopa Isabelle Green Women's T-Shirt, $, available at Etsy

Celeste Cosplay Costume

Our favorite star-gazing night owl, Celeste, is a great Halloween lewk! This costume comes with all of the bells-and-whistles to make you look just as cute as she is.

Shop Ezcosplay

Ezcosplay Animal Crossing: New Horizon Celeste Cosplay Costume, $, available at Ezcosplay

Villager Shirt

Super Smash Brother lovers might recognize this plain t-shirt as the famous Animal Crossing "Villager" fighter outfit. Let's get rowdy.

Shop httpkoopa

httpkoopa Villager Number One T-Shirt, $, available at Etsy

Bell Bag

The bell bag is an Animal Crossing essential inside the game — so, why not make it an essential for your IRL costume?

Shop YuDanae

YuDanae Mini Bell Bag, $, available at Amazon

Villager Girl Shirt

This Uni-sex flower top is a perfect replica of the original default Animal Crossing Villager girl. Throw on a pink wig and you're set. Plus, this piece will make grade-A sleep shirt material for AC superfans long after Hallo's eve.

Shop httpkoopa

PokeGoAddict Villager Girl Animal Crossing Cosplay T-Shirt, $, available at Etsy

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