Best Snapchat Filter For You, Based On Your Zodiac Sign

Why do some of us still love Snapchat more than Instagram Stories? Because for all of its fun, new, creative tools, Stories still can’t compete with the playfulness of Snapchat’s transformative lenses. From the dog face and the flower crown lenses to Face Swap, disappearing photos just aren’t as exciting when you can’t transform your appearance in them.

You might have noticed that you tend to use one or two lenses more than others. Maybe you like the way it makes you look or the song that plays in the background. Or, perhaps, in the case of the dogs or deer, you like to be able to use it with friends.

But what does the lens you gravitate towards say about your personality type — or vice versa? We consulted with expert astrologer Stacey Wolf James, author of Never Throw Rice At A Pisces, to find out which Snapchat filter is best for you, according to your zodiac sign. Ahead, find your perfect pairing, from Aquarius to Capricorn.


Aquarius: Featured Or Face Distortion

“The water bearer is astrology’s nonconformist — you really detest playing along with a crowd, so once a filter gets too popular, you never want to use it again,” says Wolf James. “You’re choosing filters around the edges, that express your personality and the fact that you always dance to your own drummer! Plus, you’re very tech-savvy. Bet you can use the face distortion to make yourself look like a beautiful anime cartoon character.”

Photo: Courtesy Madeline Buxton.


Pisces: Eyebrow Raisers

“Creative, gentle, and artistic, fish girls want their images to look otherworldly,” says Wolf James. “Angels, dolphins, unicorns, watery backgrounds — you get the picture. You choose the surreal every time.”

Photo: Courtesy Madeline Buxton.


Aries: Larger-Than-Life Face Masks

“You vibe to risk-taking, fun, crazy filters, because of your larger-than-life personality,” Wolf James says. “Plus, you get bored easily and like to mix it up with bold colors.”

Photo: Courtesy Madeline Buxton.


Taurus: Deer Or Dog Face With A Friend

“You are easygoing, and down-to-earth. You love animals and like to engage with friends, so snapping with a friend is up your alley.”

Photo: Courtesy Madeline Buxton.


Gemini: Red Lip Or Flower Crown

According to Wolf James, “Geminis have two personalities, depending upon what mood you’re in. Are you going to be sassy and trendy or sweet and gentle?”

Photo: Courtesy Madeline Buxton.


Cancer: Frown Face

“Cancers are creative, intuitive, and very private, too. You like to choose filters that aren’t too revealing, but are fun to look at and express your mood,” Wolf James says.

Photo: Courtesy Madeline Buxton.


Leo: Beard Or Makeup

“To put into writing what you already know, the Lion really is the center of the universe. You like bold self-expression and everything you choose is for a special dramatic effect.”

Photo: Courtesy Madeline Buxton.


Virgo: Gold Crown

“Sweet, sophisticated Virgos don’t like to come across as crass or bold,” says Wolf James. “You tend to lean towards expressing femininity.”

Photo: Courtesy Madeline Buxton.


Libra: Face Swap Or Pretty Face

“Friendly, fun, and super-networked, it’s who you know as much as what you’re posting,” says Wolf James. “Bet you like to post photos with friends, whether you’re swapping faces or animals, as long as it’s aesthetically pleasing to look at — another must for the Libra gal.”

Photo: Courtesy Madeline Buxton.


Scorpio: Monster Face

“You love intense images that create big reactions,” says Wolf James. “You’re making art that disappears in a flash.”

Photo: Courtesy Madeline Buxton.


Sagittarius: Rock-Star Sunglasses

“Fun-loving and risk-taking, Archers love expressing your happy-go-lucky, adventurous nature,” Wolf James says. “Any lifelike filter for a cool, scary thing will do!”

Photo: Courtesy Madeline Buxton.


Capricorn: Multiple Filters, Including Photo Face Swap

“You’re very ambitious, even with your Snapchat story,” says Wolf James. “Your pictures and filters need to be showing off something, your cool clothes, talents, skills, knowledge, your brains.”

Photo: Courtesy Madeline Buxton.

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