Cardo scala rider G9

While cycling people often get lost and the other ones don’t know if they are in trouble or what root to take. Today the technology has also made it possible for riders to communicate with one another while they are riding in a group. Now only communicate but also use GPS, make calls or simply listen to the radio. A lot of other gadgets for helmets are also available in the market but Cardo scala rider G9 has so many things to offer such as intercom connectivity and wireless access to mobile phones, GPS and MP3 music, this gadget is very slim and hardly takes a few minutes to install and lets you talk to up to 8 fellow riders almost a mile away.

G9 has a special feature as well that is whoever is using G9 or the G4 they all can connect with each other and say hello. They can make plans of riding and communicate with each other. If you are going alone to cycle even then this can be of a help because you can use GPS, make calls while cycling and also listen to music.

This gadget can provide the users with a talk time of 12 hours, 7 days of standby and it only takes three hours to charge it.

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