Quick check out Windows 8 training videos before Microsoft takes then down

Yesterday’s leaked videos are gone but here are training videos for store sales people

Amazingly, the 4 videos that were leaked from Israel yesterday were removed “due to a copyright claim by Microsoft.”

In there place, Neowin posted these videos that explain how to use the new Windows 8 touch features. Don’t wait too long since Microsoft might take these down as well.

Ironically, the training videos use a mouse. Where are the new multi-touch monitors that will make Windows 8 fun?

There are a lot self-appointed experts on Windows 8 saying it sucks, will bomb, and make your hair fall out.

Don’t believe them. I find Windows 8 the coolest thing since the iPad arrived.

Finally, this video assumes you have a multi-touch monitor.

By Stephen Pate, NJN Network

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