How slots became one of the biggest cornerstones in the growth of iGaming

It’s often said that blackjack, roulette and poker have been the catalysts behind the explosion in popularity of online casino gaming. And it’s true that those three games, in particular, are recognised as casino classics that have succeeded in making a seamless digital transition.

Enjoyed for centuries in the casino halls and homes of the well-to-do, the games are now more accessible than ever and can be played by practically any adult with an internet connection, whether that’s on your laptop, tablet or mobile.

And today, the online gambling industry is estimated to be worth in excess of $53bn globally. But as beloved – and lucrative – as those three games are within the sector, they tell only part of its success story.

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Casual gamers

While bringing offline players online helped kickstart the online casino gaming boom, it is the industry’s ability to engage with new players that really boosted its growth following the turn of the century.

It wouldn’t be unreasonable to assume that it’s the most experienced players and those who bet the most that are the most valuable to the industry – and of course, these categories of customer are well accommodated – but there are in fact millions who play the games casually, with small stakes, who aren’t experienced gamblers.

It’s the same in other industries, such as mobile gaming, where casual players are helping to account for the biggest growth in the sector. It means that creating an environment and experience that resonates with this kind of player is crucial to any kind of gaming industry.

And while games like poker, blackjack and particularly roulette can be a lot of fun to play with just small deposits, there are a host of other games specifically designed for players eager to take it easy, including slots.

What are slots?

The modern online slots games have their roots in the fruit machines or ‘one-armed bandits’ that players still enjoy to this day. Those games date back to the 19th century, and the emergence of online gambling has helped keep them relevant and exciting in the modern age.

Every slots game is different, but the usual way to win is by matching a series or combination of symbols on screen. Classic slots games often feature pieces of fruit, but newer games, and especially those online, feature all manner of imagery, including elements from your favourite films and TV shows.

There are even hybrid games that cross genres, with bingo being a surprising component of cutting-edge slots titles. Modern bingo slots feature a range of themes that deliver a colourful and fun experience, and whether it’s one more bingo slot before bedtime or a short session to help you relax at the weekend, the games available are perfect for casual play as they don't require the same intense concentration over long periods that some of the more traditional games do.

Source: Pexels

For these reasons and more, it’s rare you’ll visit an online casino where casual games aren’t offered. Operators understand the importance of being able to accommodate all kinds of players, from experienced gamblers who demand an intense and authentic experience, to casual players just looking to unwind and have a little fun.

Both types of customer have played – and will continue to play – a key role in the growth of the industry.

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