Windows 8 Pro online upgrade available 12:01 AM local time

Microsoft’s public relations firm confirmed that Windows 8 Pro will be available on line at 1 minute after midnight October 26, 2012

Windows 8

The clock is ticking to 12:01 AM Friday morning when the $39.99 upgrade to Windows 8 Pro will be available online.

Some retailers around the world are opening to start the rush to Windows 8 with software and new Windows 8 computers.

This mirrors the release time for Windows 7 when dedicated Windows enthusiasts stayed up late at night to be the first to download and upgrade their computers.

If you bought a computer with Windows 7 after June 2, 2012, you are entitled to the lowest cost upgrade at $14.99. Pre-registration at the Worldwide Upgrade Offer site is required since they send a discount code in the confirmation email.

I don’t have the actual upgrade site for the $39.99 offer but suspect it will be the Worldwide Upgrade Offer site. One of Brandon’s posts said the upgrade will be $39.99 unless you have the $14.99 offer registration code.

“Once you get to the purchase screen in the Windows 8 Upgrade Assistant, it will show the $39.99 upgrade price. However, on the order confirmation page you’ll have a chance to enter your promo code – that price will change to $14.99. Once you make your purchase, your download and upgrade installation begins!”  Windows Upgrade Offer Registration Now Available

If you hearing anything different, share it in a comment.

You can choose to upgrade from the hard drive or follow the directions to create DVD media.

The upgrade was announced by Brandon LeBlanc of Microsoft on July 10, 2012.

Upgrades only work if the Windows 8 Upgrade Assistant can find a legal copy of Windows XP, Vista or 7. For more details on the upgrade, see  Upgrade to Windows 8 and Save $140

You can also pickup a boxed upgrade from retailers all over the world when they open on October 26th, 2012. The price is $69.99 until January 31, 2013.

If you are in a hurry, online upgrade or retail is the fastest way to get Windows 8. However, having the boxed product comes in handy down the road when the download file goes missing. At least make a DVD and put it away in a safe place with the registration keys., where the upgrade is the #1 software title, has taken pre-orders for Windows 8 Pro during the past week. They are offering a $30 credit off the $68.88 price.  The credit offer expires on October 27th.

The Microsoft Store has also been taking pre-orders. All online pre-orders will be released, that is shipped, on October 26, 2012.


Until October 27th $30 Amazon credit (US only)
Until October 27th $30 Amazon credit (US only) – Canada    
By Stephen Pate, NJN Network

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