Microsoft removes Windows Blogs until 9 AM EDT

Popular official Blogging Windows sites by Brandon LeBlanc go black before 

Update – the site has returned.

At first it seemed like some weird firewall had been erected around “Blogging Windows” when a Telligent message blocked access at 5 AM EDT.

“The site you are trying to access has been restricted by Telligent”. 

It was true. The site was blocked. The same message appeared in Canada, India,  Portuguese and Japanese posts. It was blocked on my iPhone which has a different IP than my desktop.

Thousands of links to the blog will be blocked Thursday morning, links from blogs, news sites even Microsoft Answers.

This will create confusion for people who are following the Windows 8 launch.

It took me a few minutes to track down Brandon LeBlanc on Twitter where he said the site was taken down for maintenance at 6 PM PDT (or 9 PM EDT).

“Starting at 6pm PDT, our site will be going offline for facelift. We’ll be back tomorrow morning at 6am PDT!” @brandonleblanc

Brandon encourages his followers to check in at the live webcast launch event at 11:15 EDT.

There are two blogs that are blackened “Blogging Windows” and “The Windows Team Blog“.


Blogging Windows new “Win 8&Prime look

Blogging Windows is back up with a new Windows 8 look posted bart_s on Microsoft Answers.

Windowsteamblog has merged with The Windows Blog which is a home page for all Windows 8 blogs.

Now the sites share the same look-and-feel as Windows 8, formerly known as Metro now Modern.


Companies do embargo their information flow before a major marketing event. This is the first time I’ve seen a site blacked out so crudely.

Telligent claims social media expertise transforms “Your Customer’s Experience”

Telligent is a Microsoft Partner of the Year in 2012, “Since 2004 Telligent has been helping global brands transform their business with social.”

I sent an email to Microsoft for clarification. I’ll post it when it arrives.

By Stephen Pate, NJN Network

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