Hone Your Power BI Skills with Microsoft 70-778 and Get Help from Reliable Exam Dumps

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This article was last updated on April 16, 2022

Power BI brands itself as a distinguished analytics tool with its progressive functions and features materializing regularly in the industry. Anyone who displays a great command of Power BI is considered an exemplary candidate who is worthy of respect in the workplace. Because of this, more individuals find themselves investing in upgrading their respective skill sets. One straightforward way to improve your adeptness in Power BI is by taking the Microsoft esteemed 70-778 test. People who have gone through the ordeal of studying for and passing 70-778 just earned themselves a very prized possession. While endeavoring for a successful exam result, you get to use your accumulated knowledge and skills in your future career. But first, what role does Power BI play in the industry? Let’s find out below.

Learning Significant Impact of Power BI

Power BI (business intelligence) provides innovative experimentation and learning ground for several users in the organization. It allows analysts and businesses to create high-functioning and personalized dashboards, data connections, reports, and data models. The growing number of its state-of-the-art reporting features, statistical functions, fast-paced insights, and self-service data prep provides so much more than Excel alone could offer. Businesses can use these multiple tools to extract, model, analyze, and visualize data.

So, how does this Microsoft 70-778 Practice Test Questions precisely help test-takers like you with regard to your Power BI skills? Hand in hand, let’s understand the core of this exam and learn just what material you need to possess to pass it with flying colors.

Pinpointing Some Important Tidbits of 70-778

Having the flair in Power BI supports you to stand shoulder-to-shoulder with prime professionals. The very areas tackled in parallel with the skills needed in excelling at Power BI encapsulate the essence of 70-778. This assessment loops around scrutinizing and envisioning data using Microsoft Power BI. In the main test, you’ll have to deal with 40-60 tasks within 120 minutes. Paying $165 for taking this exam is one of the requirements by Microsoft that you must comply with.

Uncovering Essential Topics Addressed in Microsoft 70-778

A lot of questions are directed into the domain of data modelling and visualization so this takes up the highest exam percentage. The tasks to be dealt with within this domain are optimizing data models, crafting hierarchies, creating calculated columns, tables, and measures. The next key section is about data consumption and transformation using Power BI desktop. At this point, you will be asked to connect to data sources, perform transformations, and cleanse data. Lastly, there is the vital discipline of configuration of dashboards, apps, and reports in the Power BI service. Your skills will be concentrated on accessing on-premises data, organizing a dashboard, publishing reports, and configuring security. Enhancing your skills in these areas is critical since dashboards, reports, and datasets are at the very core of Power BI.

Evaluating Most Recommended Audience for 70-778

Comprehensive knowledge of the many usages of Power BI is necessary for candidates who wish to take this exam. The ability to do so would later be manifested in performing data analysis, for the most part, in using Microsoft Power BI Desktop and Power BI service. Besides, you must be skillful in the implementation of direct connectivity to SSAS and Microsoft MCSA 70-778 VCE Exam Dumps , and of course, the creation of reports with Power BI. Any of these skills are expected of data analysts and BI professionals.

Claiming Your MCSA BI Reporting Certification

Passing the above-mentioned test with the code 70-778 along with 70-779 then leads to your achievement of the Microsoft Certified Solutions Associate (MCSA) in BI Reporting credential. This badge stamps your ability in analyzing, transforming, visualizing and modeling data, as well as configuring dashboards, using both Excel and Power BI and swings open a vast potential of career paths in BI Reporting. An important reminder, though. This MCSA badge retires on January 31, 2021. Hence, attempts to take its tests and attain it will not be acknowledged after this date.

But have you ever thought of how to do great in this assessment without making any additional efforts? If yes, you are among expected examinees who share the ambition of passing this assessment in the first try. Everyone wants to measure up to the standards made by Microsoft. With the right study resource, which goes by the name of ‘exam dump,’ you will answer the test with the right amount of analysis and concentration.

Studying with Aid of Exam Dumps

By using braindumps, you get to manage your own scorecard and assess your corresponding performance on each topic. Contrary to the claim that exam dumps only slacken an individual’s studying progress, it actually does the opposite. With the sprout of braindumps waiting to be plucked online, you’ll be allocating additional time to finding the right ones. So you get the opportunity to benchmark your score with the aid of trusted exam dump providers like Exam-labs.com. We assure that you will be able to put your mind to rest once you lay your hands on Exam-labs.com’s free ete files and the 70-778 Premium Bundle.

This 70-778 package accessible on Exam-labs.com is expert-verified and jam-packed with a lofty study guide, a training course, and a valuable exam dump. It is readily available online at $59.99, assisting numerous Microsoft test-takers like you worldwide. You can have free and paid dumps to assist you for the entirety of your 70-778 preparation, with the assurance of substantial knowledge and skills that will carry you during and after the exam. However, as dumps from this provider go in the ete format, before acquiring them, make sure that you have the ETE Software.


By the time you earn your MCSA in BI Reporting, you can level up to an MCSE certification to further educate you on Microsoft’s leading inceptions. Meanwhile, you can leverage your Power BI skills via the Microsoft 70-778 assessment to serve you in your ambitious and achievable professional ventures. While doing so, remember to refer to these actual and trustworthy exam dumps from Exam-labs.com.

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