Terabrite uses Gibson Min-ETune auto tuners to create video

Gibson gave indie rock duo Terabrite a new guitar if they could make a new video in one week

Terabrite “In Honor of Her Heart”
Gibson USA offered the indie rock duo Terabrite a brand new Gibson Les Paul Future Tribute with Min-ETune, if they could make a new song video in a week.

TeraBrite took the challenge to write and video an original song. Do you think they pulled it off?

Terabrite is Sabrina Abu-Obeid and DJ Monopoli, a ” two piece band living in YouTube land.”

Their vlog tell the story of first joy unboxing the guitar, a new Les Paul Future Tribute with Min-ETune, wonderment at a self-tuning guitar, and then the hard work of writing a new song, recording and video production.

Gibson’s Min-ETune is the latest version of their robot guitar, a self tuning guitar. This version is lighter and more accurate than earlier versions. Well, that’s what Gibson and Tronical who make the Min-ETune system say.

Gibson guitars with Min-ETune are now available from the $1,199 for the Les Paul Future Tribute with min-ETune to $3,000.

The automatic tuners seem to be adding $200 to the price of the guitar. The same guitar without the Min-ETune system costs $999.00 street price.

 Gibson Min-ETune

Gibson Min-ETune or Tronical Tune installed (Tronical photo)

Gibson Min-ETune or Tronical Tune installed (Tronical photo)

The Gibson Min-ETune system is the latest version of Tronical’s auto tuners.

There are 12 tuning programs plus 6 user defined tunings.

I really liked being able to change my guitar to Drop D or an open G tuning on stage in a hurry, when I had the original Robot Guitar.

  • Standard
  • Low D
  • Drop-D
  • Eb
  • Double Drop-D
  • Open E
  • Open A
  • Open D
  • Open G
  • Dobro
  • All 4th

You get to experiment with different tunings. It will be interesting if you can use sweetened tunings from a Peterson tuner and save it.

Gibson have a 4 month exclusive on the new system, which means they get to ship guitars first before Tronical offers upgrade kits.

Components in a Tronical upgrade kit

Components in a Tronical upgrade kit

They are putting Min-ETune on entry level as well as some pretty nice high end guitars like the Les Paul Signature T.

The Gibson Les Paul Studio 2013 Min-ETune in Ebony (or Vintage sunburst) at $1,599 looks like sweet guitars, at a reasonable price.

The tuners can tune the guitar in about 5 seconds with two strums. The tuning heads are geared 40:1 which should make them super-accurate, if the Tronical software system is accurate. Most guitar tuners are only 12:1 up to 18:1.

The tuning system is powered by a lithium battery that can handle 80 plus tunings on a single charge.

It weighs less than 10 ounces (270 grams) and can also be purchased to retrofit older guitars. The whole unit goes on the guitar’s head – 6 separate tuners (or 6 inline tuners) and the control unit.

In Honor of Her Heart

Here is the finished song “In Honor of Her Heart” from Terabrite.

Get the song on iTunes: http://bit.ly/inhonorofherheart.

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