Microsoft Surface RT popular at Best Buy and Staples

This article was last updated on May 25, 2022

Microsoft expands retail supply of highly rated Windows RT tablet and customers love it

Microsoft Surface

In a move to expand sales of the Microsoft Surface RT, Microsoft has expanded retail availability of the Surface RT to Best Buy and Staples.

Best Buy is carrying the Microsoft – Surface with Windows RT with 32GB at $499 with free shipping and 1 year of Geek Squad support. 

Otherwise, pricing is identical to the Microsoft Store where they also offer free shipping and a few more choices for theMicrosoft Surface RT.

The Surface is only available online but not retail at Best Buy yet. That can change daily as the product rolls out for Best Buy. Availability in Canada is pending.

Staples are selling the Surface RT online as well. The Surface may also be available in stores.

Staples is offering free shipping with pick at the store optional. Staples are promising 1 business day delivery which is PDQ.  Staples Canada has no word on Surface RT availability.

Retail sales are logical if Microsoft wants to sell the Surface RT. Physical retail sales may be old-fashioned by that’s how most products are sold.


Customer reviews of the Surface RT have been very positive. Best Buy customers rate the Windows 8 tablet between 4.6 and 5 out of 5.

4.5 / 5 stars      

Pros for the Surface RT are:


  • Light and Quick
  • Build quality
  • Screen looks glorious even in high glare
  • The battery lasts forever
  • Very comfortable in lap

Cons for the Surface RT are:

  • Getting used to Windows 8 – a short learning curve
  • Office 2013 is not Metro or Windows Modern
  • Lack of apps on Windows Store
  • 64 GB maximum storage

While many people buy the Surface with 32 GB at the $499 price point, I recommend the 64 GB model since you will run out of storage memory quickly otherwise. Of course, if you get use to SkyDrive storage, the memory becomes less of an issue.

Media reviews of Surface RT

It has landed on several lists of desirable tablets for 2012. Forbes magazine gave the Surface a generally positive review. Business Insider rated the Surface RT one of the top Windows 8 devices, calling it “a good marriage of hardware and software.”

I think the top reason to pick a Surface RT is you use Microsoft Windows and Office and want to share them on your tablet or phone. I’m reviewing Windows Phone 8 and it’s pretty sweet to have access to Word and Excel documents on a phone over SkyDrive.

When the Surface RT was release, the tech media pounded it for a hundred quibbles related to apps and feel. Since then, the mood has shifted to very positive for the Surface. Media reviewers tend to be a funny bunch. Some are curmudgeon’s who specialize in panning Android, Apple or Microsoft.

For instance, Walt Mossberg over at the Wall Street Journal panned the Nokia Lumia 920 smartphone as too heavy and too thick. Based on his review, I was apprehensive about the 920 until I picked it up. Feels great was my first reaction. Then I realized my wife or someone else with a small hand might find it “big”.

Reviewers are just giving you their opinion. Some think they sell more papers by being negative.

By Stephen Pate, NJN Network
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