Why Chad Everett Harris Examines Digital Marketing Strategies

Chad Everett Harris is a serial entrepreneur based out of Rockdale, Texas, who has over 30 years of experience. To retain customers and clients, marketing is crucial. Digital marketing campaigns are an advanced way to grow any business.

What Counts As Digital Marketing?

Technology is a broad field that includes everything from smartphones to microwaves. Internet marketing is a similar construct. Chad Everett Harris understands the importance of employing multiple forms of digital marketing at just the right time.

Digital Marketing Categories

Digital marketing is often broken into two categories.

Website Marketing

This includes social media platforms, e-newsletters, and search engine optimization. There are several methods to make the most out of these choices, and depending on the business and its customers, this can be done strategically.

Offline Marketing

Digital marketing can be used through a multitude of mediums. Television, radio commercials, and digital billboards are all possible avenues for spreading awareness.

Data Analysis

One of the advantages Chad Everett Harris sees in online marketing is its ability to monitor growth. Data analysis is often incorporated with specific marketing methods. Social media, in particular, is a clear way to measure the spread of information.

Tracking tools allow business owners to see which pages on a website are clicked the most, which products are prefered, and sometimes users' demographics. Digital tracking sites such as Google can be used throughout the web.

By monitoring the conversion rate of a user, business owners can clearly understand how much money is made and at what time of day. Conversions can include several types of call-to-actions, including downloads, purchases, and subscriptions.

How Do You Know If You Need A Digital Marketing Strategy?

Some businesses already have access to data without using digital tools. Although numbers are a concrete way to mark progress, a strategy will help entrepreneurs get there.

If progress feels unstable, a poor strategy is usually to blame. A successful marketing plan will provide a clear direction for all involved, even if it doesn’t always show results. By examining the different marketing paths, business leaders can evaluate which tactic works best.

Business owners who do not know their online audience may have difficulty selling services or products. If an entrepreneur is unaware of the personalized data, their marketing strategy may be too old.

Underdeveloped websites that are not fit for mobile devices risk losing customers. If a site looks out-of-date, this can also reflect poorly on the business. A proper digital strategy can maximize the impressions received by potential clientele.

Without an effective marketing strategy, businesses can easily spend their profits on failed marketing decisions. Digital strategies help business leaders track which methods have the most potential for future use. Small and large businesses both face this problem when income is invested poorly.

The Importance of A Digital Marketing Strategy

An efficient digital marketing strategy can be measured. This happens with clear goals that are set before working on the actual strategy. An overall goal should then be broken into several smaller steps that can be accomplished on a consistent timeline.

Identifying the percentage of revenue necessary from existing customers vs. new customers will map out which segments of the population should receive more marketing. Using data analytics, the percentage of leads is an accurate way to gauge an existing strategy.

Digital marketing strategies are vital to the ongoing progress of a business. By scheduling timed posts and social media offers, a brand can stay relevant. Since smartphones can access the internet easily and instantly, mobile marketing has increasingly become vital for the success of websites.

Digital Marketing Calendars

Although all businesses are different, digital marketing strategies have one common aspect. Online content must be updated regularly.

Digital marketing calendars include key points for engagement. Before setting dates for promotional content, knowing the audience is key. Once the target audience has been identified, a marketing campaign can calculate where to place ads and which type of content will work best.

Important dates to include in a calendar can revolve around days of the week or specific holidays. Email send-offs and campaign launches are just a couple of the digital marketing events to plan.

3 Types of Popular Content

Depending on the strategy, a digital marketing budget does not need to be costly, notes Chad Everett Harris. Investing in the right method can help profits for multiple years.


Blogging is more than just writing text. An efficient business blog incorporates search engine optimization to have a wider reach. Blog posts need to be timed out to reflect what the customers or potential clients want. Once there is enough content, certain blog posts can be reused depending on the topic.


Video blogging is a growing trend. Watching a video that explains a facet of the business or for the pure purpose of entertainment can easily create brand awareness. Makeup tutorials are one example of digital marketing that has become extremely popular.

Social Media

Now that there is a vast array of social networks available, knowing which one to target is key. A digital strategy can help businesses know when, what, and where to post. Social media is effective for humanizing brands to make them more accessible to potential and existing customers or clients.

Digital Marketing Is The Standard

Digital marketing is the standard option for raising brand awareness. Employing an effective strategy that incorporates mobile devices, social media, search engine optimization, and other methods can increase interest and profits.

Finding the right digital strategy may take time. If one strategy does not produce results, the data will still help businesses find a successful route. Like all other types of campaigns, planning is one way to make goals a reality.

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