Are over-priced Blu-Ray discs coming to an end?

This article was last updated on April 16, 2022

Amazon sells Blu-ray 3D movies for less than $20

Avatar Blu-ray 3D

Consumer acceptance of Blu-ray discs is years behind where it could be.

3D Blu-Ray are barely a blip on the radar screen.  Prices of $40 to $60 for movies are holding back sales. announced new under $20 pricing for recent top Blu-Ray 3D movies which should help to lower buyer resistance.

Who wants to spend $40 or more for one movie when Netflix costs $8.00 a month for all the movies you want

Granted Netflix does not have the latest movies but the price difference is enough to get people watching last year’s releases.

The movie industry painted itself into a corner of irrelevant small sales with Blu-ray 3D. Blu-Ray and 3D are never going to be mass market products until the movie industry gets serious about pricing.

Retail is all about product, price and placement. Sell CD’s for $10 and they move. Sell movies for under $10 to $20 and they fly off the shelves.

The under $20 Blu-Ray 3D titles at include “Avatar”, “Prometheus”, “Dredd”, “Titanic”, “Finding Nemo”, “The Polar Express”, “The Adventures of Tintin” and “Kamasutra: Sexual Positions For Lovers.”  When I reviewed Avatar recently it was priced at $30. That’s a hefty reduction.


At these prices, Blu-ray 3D is affordable. For more titles see Amazon movies: Blu-ray 3D

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