Apple iPhone 4G facts and fantasies you decide

 Steve Jobs is a great salesman but let’s separate the facts and fantasies

Canada is the best country for an iPhone – Fact and Fantasy

Canada may have to wait until July to get one of those new phones but we have three different carriers, all with better service. Telus/Bell share a new 3G data national network that works well, especially in urban areas. Rogers reception is spotty but does drop back to non-data service almost everywhere. AT&T users rarely say nice things about their service.
Unless you elected to keep your unlimited AT&T data plan at $30 a month, US iPhone 4G users will pay $55 a month for 200 MB of data and $65 for 2GB (combined with standard talk packages). Canadians pay $50 for 500 MB of data and $65 for 1 GB.

It’s 4 or 4G – fantasy
The iPhone 4 is not 4G, the Sprint HTC EVO 4G is 4G. All that means is the EVO is compatible with the roll-out of Sprint’s new higher speed data network, which is theoretically 10 times faster than 2 MB per second 3G.
If you can’t do the technology, at least Jobs can steal the name.

“This changes everything again” (Steve Jobs) – fantasy
The iPhone 4 isn’t going to change much. For died in the wool Apple fans it will bring them up to some features already in the HTC EVO 4G with Android.
People can make video calls with their iPhone 3GS using Skype right now.  Other phones like EVO 4G can already do video calls, and on 3G networks not just Wi-Fi.
The iPhone 4 has iBooks, where you can purchase and read a limited number of titles. Who wants to read a book on a tiny screen? That’s no improvement. You need a tablet like iPad or
Amazon Kindle to read books. Kindle has a magnitude larger number of books to read. Most of Apple’s titles read like English Classics not current releases.
iPhone 4 is multi-tasking “done right” and has a HD video camera. Other phones like the EVO 4G already have multi-tasking and HD video cameras that are better than the iPhone 4.

There is a lot of competition in the Smart Phone market. On features, Apple is playing catch up with the iPhone 4.  For more information on how they compare, see Wired.

Video Calls will make my life better – wishful fantasy
Young people will love video calling. They already do. The promotional video demonstrates calling your children and grandchildren. Aw, won’t that be nice to be closer to my grandchildren who live a thousand miles away?
Fiction, I can already do it know on my laptop and computer but rarely do.  Grandchildren are not always interested in an intense conversation. Generally they like messaging or Facebook.
To make video calling work, your relatives will have to own an iPhone 4 and pay about $750 annually for the smallest plan. If the grandparents are funding the wonderful moments of video calling, notch that cost to $1,500 a year. It would be cheaper if they owned a non-Apple phone.
Video calling may be the thing in the future when everyone automatically has the feature but not yet. It just seems like a warm and fuzzy idea.

The new glass stainless steel case is cool – fantasy
Two sides of glass have to mean more broken phones. The current model can be dropped 10-15 time and then it shatters. How many drops will this one take before it breaks? The replacements are $699 to $799.

The iPhone 4 is cool and a consumer hit
Of course people will want to own one. There are more than 100 million iPhone, iPad, and iTouch users who will want to upgrade at some time. AT&T broke their system yesterday trying to deal with for the iPhone 4.
People were also lined up in the streets to buy the Spring EVO 4G which was released yesterday as well.  Competition will be good for everyone.

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  1. It’s pointless to tell the iphone die hard fan about the facts. They simply won’t buy it. If they actually do their math and compare features rather than brand, then maybe they will think twice of getting iphone 4.

  2. yadda yadda nuttin can beat iphone …here is this blog from androcomment_ID lovers tryin to tell that andriod n evo is better …cmon get real i am iphone lover i owned all models n i will get the iphone4 no matta what dont try to sell EVO …makes me laugh when i read sumthin like this …

  3. i think iphones are the SHIT!! HTC evo? sounds like a copy cat if you ask me. iphones are the most reliable phones out there. stick with it iphone fans

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