Windows 8 adds Adobe Flash an incremental improvement

This article was last updated on April 16, 2022

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Adobe Flash now allowed with Windows 8

Microsoft has turned the switch to allow Windows 8 users to see Flash videos in both versions of Internet Explorer 10.

When Microsoft shipped Windows 8 only sites that were white-listed were able to play Adobe Flash content.

Windows 8 users are no longer subject to the irritating and senseless requests to update Adobe Flash.

This is one of the many changes Microsoft must make to Windows 8 to fix the user-unfriendly interface they slapped on the latest version of Windows.

Restricting Adobe Flash by Microsoft mirrored the Apple exclusion of Flash content on the iPhone and iPad. It caused users of Windows 8 endless headaches. Is it the user’s responsibility to upgrade the internet to HTML 5? Apparently Microsoft agreed with the now deceased Steve Jobs on that one.

Microsoft has relented and now only blocks sites that are blacklisted, that is, sites known to carry virus infections.

As it stands now, you can watch Adobe Flash videos in either the Desktop or Windows 8 Modern version of Internet Explorer.

Flash video test – Paul McCartney performing “Yesterday” flash video (copyright notice below)

If the Paul McCartney video plays with Windows 8 Internet Explorer 10, Flash is working.

This may get some users to switch back from Google Chrome as a Windows 8 browser. Chrome has problems of its own, such as the lack of pinch and zoom across all sites. Pinch and zoom does work on Google Maps but not on other places like Street View.

This updates my complaint that while the rest of the world watched the Russian asteroid impact, Windows 8 users were blocked. Why you cannot watch Russian meteor videos with Windows 8

Microsoft was no doubt trying to push the button on HTML5 video, which Internet Explorer 10 supports but it was too early. Millions of websites still post Flash videos.

Other fixes to come

Windows 8 is still not ready for prime time and has been a frustrating experience for many users.

Microsoft is said to be providing major upgrades to native Windows 8 applications such as Mail, Music, Games and Calendar during the month of March, according to Mary Jo Foley of ZDnet.

They could upgrade People which is a nuisance at best and useless at its worst. People is the hub for social media sharing and is dysfunctional. I wrote about that problem in Why Did Microsoft Change The Rules of Social Engagement?

A major upgrade of Windows 8, the so-called Windows Blue, is rumored to be in the works for August 2013.

Windows 8 users wait patiently for these upgrades/updates and feature additions. They believe Windows 8 has the potential to be a great innovation, once Microsoft gets it right.

Over on the official Blogging Windows site, mums the word on any of these upgrades. We get all the insights on blogs and Windows rumor websites. Microsoft must see themselves as the Kardashians or Taylor Swift, a worthy topic of gossip on TMZ.

We do not own the copyright to the Paul McCartney video. It is presented as part of a news report under “fair use” (USA) and “fair dealing” (Canada) copyright law.

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