Japanese restaurant deploys smart cameras

smart cameras

This article was last updated on March 15, 2023

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Japanese restaurant deploys smart cameras

According to BBC News, a Japanese chain of sushi restaurants is utilizing smart cameras to deter guests from secretly licking sushi, following a viral video of a man smearing saliva on sushi.

This video triggered copycat behavior among young people, who filmed themselves licking things in restaurants and contaminating food on the conveyor belt. Dubbed “sushi terror” on social media, the smart cameras will monitor guests and signal any unhygienic behavior to prevent contaminated dishes from being consumed by other restaurant guests.

However, many restaurants have opted to cease the use of the conveyor belt with dishes due to these incidents, and have instead employed more staff to deliver food to guests. Despite this, the spokesperson for the restaurant chain expressed that the conveyor belt is an integral part of Japanese sushi culture, and the company aims to ensure that their guests’ food is safe, healthy, and hygienic

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