Windows 8 Blue leaks to the internet from Poland

A Polish website and video is leaking the first look at Microsoft Windows 8 Blue upgrade Build 9364 – the changes are mostly cosmetic

Windows 8 Blue 9364 298x300 Windows 8 Blue leaks to the internet from Poland photo

Windows 8 Blue 9364 build leak – plenty of small changes but it looks the same has leaked a 32-bit beta of Windows 8 code-named “Blue” to the web.

They warn the code is not stable and recommend it be installed in a virtual space.

The changes seem to be mostly cosmetic, like larger Start screen tiles and a 50/50 split screen.

This may be a big thing to some. I must admit finding the start screen less interesting after months of use. Most of the tiles look-alike and finding an app like “Store” takes too long.

Thanks to Google Translation, we have the rough English from Polish administrator’s comments.

“The downloaded image is a 32-bit version of Pro. The installation is the same as in the case of Windows 8 but I could see a minor cosmetic changes.”

We are in the dark until the powers-on-high at Microsoft decide to send a pre-release to everyone. We can only hope the updates make a big change in the things about Windows 8 that annoy most people and ourselves. Hope springs eternal.

There are two videos, the Polish one which helps to understand the look-and-feel changes and the second one which is a trite “how I installed Windows Blue” from the UK. Thanks to for their hard work.

Windows 8 Blue Build 9364 video by

Tip – The video is in Polish. Leave the sound on and it makes sense to English ears within a short time. The Windows 8 screens are English text.

From “The next step is a nice wizard adjust various settings after installation. The first screen offers us a larger number of color options.

As for the tiles … We can choose up to 4 sizes . In addition to two already known to us: the smaller and larger, is still tiny and very large (as it called itself).

Another new feature is the improved color personalization. Now we can do it on the tab on the settings screen. We can choose a whole range of colors and they can create their own settings to be saved, and the history of recently composed the settings is displayed below these settings.

(There) are 4 applications added to the system: Alarms, Calculator, Sound Recorder and Movie Moment.

Improved search and settings also are treated as a separate application.

There is a new setting in the application mode, snap , where two applications to “share” screen 50/50.

(They) changed the Sharing tab and Devices and Networks menu. Store does not work .

In general, whether in the classic version, or tile Internet Explorer 11 works slightly better than the tenth version.

The system has many faults, including graphics and you can see that this is an early version. It seems that Microsoft really wants to take care of the number of new capabilities but do not translate into poorer quality and stability of performance?

(I) would not recommend the installation of (this build) on a main (computer) on its hardware.


  • Choose any background color and accents
  • 4 sizes of tiles on the home screen
  • New animations
  • New applications: Calculator, Alarm, Sound Recorder and Movie Moments
  • Changed the organization of the home screen: ability to move any number of tiles, a change in the naming groups of tiles
  • Better service provision, including: play, print and display
  • Sort all applications by the date of installation
  • Improvements in basic tabs Charms Bar
  • Integration of SkyDrive in the classic Windows interface, adding folders, My Documents, My Music, My Pictures and My Videos folder computer
  • Internet Explorer 11, – Modern addition to IE11 download manager
  • Split screen function 50/50
  • Snap mode for applications
  • New PC Setup panel treated as a separate application in the search
  • Changes in PC Settings: – the possibility of including a slide show on the lock, Search, Power options, the options screen and resolution, policy options for each individual application, including settings for the camera, microphone, and location
  • AutoPlay options
  • Management of applications running in the background
  • Applications default – the locale, including the display language, region, keyboard.” (end of translation)

By Stephen Pate, NJN Network

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