Ramirez 125 Anos Classical Guitar – a classic

The Ramirez 125 Anos classical guitar sold between 2007 and 2012 and has become a sought after classic. I recently discovered a few new ones for sale.

Ramirez 125 Anos classical guitar

I am a big fan of the Ramirez R4 guitar and actually prefer it to the Ramirez 1a for studio work.

I can’t believe I found 3 new guitars of the Ramirez 125 Anos series for sale.

The Ramirez 125 Anos guitar is a special model celebrating 125 years of building the world’s best classical guitars. The 125 Anos shares many features with the R and E series guitars, at a lower price.

“Based on the template of the E line designed by Jose Ramirez III, Amalia Ramirez has created this new model as a Limited Edition which will be built during the five years from 2007-2012, celebrating the 125th Anniversary of the Ramirez workshop!” 12th Fret

One day in 2005, I spent most of an afternoon auditioning classical guitars at the 12th Fret in Toronto, an amazing guitar store. Of all the guitars $1000 and up Ramirez, Alhambra, and I think a Laskin, it was the Ramirez R and E guitars that seemed to have the best balance of tone and enough volume for studio work.

There are two models still available – solid red Cedar Top which the reseller is calling Ramirez 125 Anos Classical Guitar, CD/IN Ramirez 125 Anos Classical Guitar   a classic photo

at $2,499 and  Ramirez 125 Anos Classical Guitar, SP/IN Ramirez 125 Anos Classical Guitar   a classic photo
at $1,444. A top Ramirez 1a costs $9,500 to $11,000 new so anything that comes close in playability and sound is great to find.

Although these guitars were designed for playing classical music, they have found their way into popular music for the tone and nylon strings.

Two Amazon.com customers reviewed the 125 Anos.

“This guitar is a limited edition produced by the Jose Ramirez workshop in Madrid, Spain. It is a light guitar made only of solid Cedar and Indian Rosewood. The action was perfect right out of the humicase. The guitar case is awesome. The decorations on the guitar are beautiful and the finish is flawless. The silver-plated frets are well placed and trimmed. The scent of the Cedar top is nice too. The sound is high-end, with no buzzing at all. The high notes are clear and full. The sustain is long and dolce(sweet).” Read the rest of Dan’s review Ramirez 125 Anos Classical Guitar   a classic photo.

And Hill Fort Rambler wrote, “Ramirez continues to live up to its reputation and the 125 Anos classical guitar exceeds expectations. The guitar is, quite literally, a work of art in and of itself, and a premium quality vehicle of artistry. It displays a warmth and beauty that only a product of superior craftsmanship can produce. Thank you Ramirez Guitars, and all of its associates, and kudos to Amalia for the inspirational design!”

The CD/IN model has a cedar top and the SP/IN model has a spruce top and is less expensive. The cedar guitar would be louder but the spruce top might appeal to most people.

I am amazed a dealer has new 125 Anos Ramirez. Purchasing through Amazon.com gives you the best of all worlds – price and guarantee.

If you are not satisfied with any buy, they will refund your money.

That’s so civilized and reassuring.

If you don’t mind used guitars, the 125 Anos sells for around $2,000 with a cedar top and $1,200 in spruce on eBay and other guitar sites.

Ramirez 125 Anos video samples

Here is the cedar top 125 Anos. Guitars will sound different based on the players technique and recording quality.

Here is the spruce top 125 Anos:

Ramirez 130th Anos

ramirez 130 anos cedar full 1 Ramirez 125 Anos Classical Guitar   a classic photo

Ramirez 130 Anos cedar classical guitar

Nothing succeeds like success. Ramirez have re-introduced the 130 Anos as a successor to the 125 Anos, since it was so popular.

The Jose Ramirez 130 Anos SP/IN Classical Guitar Ramirez 125 Anos Classical Guitar   a classic photo costs between $2,000 at 12th Fret and $2,400 at Amazon.com.

Wherever you buy a guitar, always get it professionally setup for your style of playing. It adds so much to your enjoyment. Good luck on your guitar journey and enjoy the music.

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