Twitter and other social media is not broadcasting

Media and businesses that spew Twitter posts but don’t take replies are parasites

More and more media sites and businesses are getting Twitter and Facebook sites that send messages one way – from them to us.

They don’t get it. Social media is not about advertising. It’s a conversation.

A newspaper that Tweets every story but blocks reader comment soon gets turned off as SPAM.

You think you’re on a social media platform like Twitter and a story gets your reaction. I like that you can re-tweet, add a comment or reply. Why do some people think they are broadcasting?

Media is about building community and that means talking to people not at people. Whenever I come across a Tweet account that is blocked, I block them in return. There are so many places to find information. Why bother being a mushroom anymore – you know kept in the dark and have shit shovelled on your head.

John Mayer, the singer songwriter, actively engages with his followers, all 3 million of them. That’s one of the reasons he is so popular besides the music. Everybody is making music but not everyone is engaging their fans as well as Mayer does.

The reason the Old Spice YouTube campaign worked was because the guy was reading his Tweets and making up video responses. Detroit News Anchor Realizes How Twitter Has Changed How He Engages With Viewers

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