Competition for the Apple iPad is on the way in Canada and U.S.A

Competition for the Apple iPad is on the way
Apple has sold over 3 million iPad or tablet computers since launching this spring. While they are the only game in town that will change quickly as other manufacturers bring out competing products that will be at least cheaper and perhaps better.

The tablet computer has been around for more than a decade but it’s been a clunky device suited to hospitals or warehouses. The iPad is definately cool and easy to use. Apple knows how to innovate the user interface and their touch tablet is a favourite computer of many people including me.

However, Apple’s doctrinaire attempt to block Flash videos and keep its customers tethered to the Apple Store crates all kinds of opportunity for competing products, just like the iPhone created a market for the Android Phone.

The tablet in the video has an interesting page turning interface from UI Centric. Will it be better than the iPad. One thing for sure – it won’t stop you from playing Flash videos which is still the most common video format on the internet.

KMart started selling an Android tablet last week in the US for $149.

Another 10″ tablet is the iiView M1 which runs Windows 7 for $499.

These are only a few of the more than 20 new tablet computers expected before Christmas.

Choice is the best thing for consumers since it lowers prices and drives innovation. Bring on the tablets.

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