Android killing Apple iPhone and iPad in Canada and U.S.A

This article was last updated on May 19, 2022

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 Google’s CEO Schmidt reports 200,000 daily activations

It would appear Apple’s rising star may be surpassed by Google who’s CEO told CNET they are activating 200,000 Android devices per day. Two months ago that was 100,000 per day and in March it was a paltry 60,000 per day.

We don’t know if Schmidt means every day of the month but that would make July a 4 to 6 million device month for Google.
That puts them well ahead of Apple’s claim of 2-3 million units in July. Apple’s sales are growing about the rate the market is expanding.

Google Android devices grew a phenomenal 886% in the past year.

This is the same scenario Apple faced two decades ago when they introduced the Macintosh, a cool computer with a mouse and visual display that was much easier to use than the competition. It took Microsoft a few years to replicate the experience in Windows but when they did,

Apple lost market share and became a rump computer company. 

Google Android is winning customers because it is an open operating system that is free. That reduces costs for manufacturers who can then compete with Apple. Competition is good for consumers because it lowers the price and drives even more innovation into the market.
Some of the early iPad competitors are already being sold below $200 compared with $500 for entry level Apple iPads. That price differential turns customer heads.
Including Motorola, Samsung, and HTC there are more than ten manufacturers making and competing on Android devices.  Only Apple makes iPhones, iPads and iPods.  Since the market wants open competition, Apple’s loss of this market was predictable.
When every computer store and gadget vendor is selling Android tablets and smartphones, when every cell carrier is selling them, holding onto Apple’s early market lead becomes hopeless.  The tide has already turned.

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  1. Send me a bag of what ever your smoking. Truly Micro slop will never catch up to Apple in practice, ethic, or function. Apple is the largest producer of computers in the world. Hardware quality for Apple products have always been superior, I think you’ll find their build quality on phones way better than others. The primary reason why anyone buy anything other than Apple is price, then software compatibility.

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