Apple iOS7 Bugs Ruining Apple Reputation

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This article was last updated on May 25, 2022

Apple iOS7 Bugs Ruining Apple Reputation
Apple users are voicing frustration with bugs in iOS7 and no upgrade policy on older devices

USA Today reported that users are complaining loudly about the bugs in the latest mobile operating system from Apple named iOS7. Reports of issues up to the “blue screen of death” have been reported since iOS7 was launched.

Other users are frustrated because Apple has declared their not-too-old devices incompatible with the upgrade and obsolete if the app requires iOS.

Bugs that frustrate users

“— “Unstable,” says Maci O’Grady from Colorado.

— Kate Hewlett of Ontario, Canada, tweeted: “I dislike the iOS7 so much that I’m considering switching to a Samsung Galaxy Mega…”

— Joseph Trohman, a member of the Fall Out Boy band, writes that at first he thought iOS 7 was great. “Now I have realized it barely works. I loathe it.”

— David Hewlett, an actor from Toronto, says he updated to iOS 7 by accident, and signed his tweet: “Sent from my now slower, irritating and app failing updated iPad.”"

Personally, I am irritated that Apple does not even offer the latest update on my iPad.

iPhone 5S – widespread stories of battery draining, buggy software and the blue screen of death

“Draining batteries, dropping Wi-Fi and spotty Bluetooth connections are getting big boos across discussion boards at Apple’s own support communities. Some apps are working poorly or slowly, the interface is harder to use for some people, and game players have also found faults.”

“Apple really needs to get back to focusing on device testing and hyper attention to detail to maintain customers’ trust,” says Jefferson Wang, senior partner with IBB Consulting.

Text messaging via iMessage, nearly as indispensable as a phone call, has users fuming over an inability to consistently send text messages from iPhones with the new operating system.” USA Today

Two-year obsolescence of Apple devices

Apple wants its customer to upgrade their iPhones and iPads every two years. “Ever since Apple introduced the original iPhone in 2007, it has adhered to a standard formula: Introduce one updated model the following year, discount the previous model and kill off models that are more than two year old.” wrote Seth Fiegerman in Mashable.

That strategy made Apple one of the richest companies in the world selling a luxury non-essential consumer item. Most people don’t consider they are spending $350 per year on their smartphones because it’s buried in monthly fees. Those monthly fees add up to $1,000 a year in after tax income or $1,400 in salary.

If consumers are replacing tablets every 2 years the price doubles. I have a 4-year-old iPad 3G that cost us $850. It was obsolete in Apple’s terms last year when they wouldn’t update it to iOS6. New apps that we try to app now get a message telling us to upgrade to the latest operating system

We bought our 2009 Prius the same month as the iPad. Who could imagine Toyota telling you your car could not be repaired because it was 3 years old?

Spending money on Apple stock versus buying products pays off (AP Photo/Julie Jacobson)

Microsoft would the subject of lawsuits if released operating system updates that made your computer obsolete.

I have a Dell XPS 630i purchased in February 2008 that runs Windows 8.1 with a touch screen monitor. I upgraded the computer from XP to Vista to Windows 7 and now Windows 8.

37% of all computers in the world run Windows XP that is 12 years old. Microsoft would love for those people to upgrade but they haven’t and those XP computers still work.

With more choices in Android and Windows 8.1, Apple users may see they are filling Apple’s bank account at their own expense. An Apple user once wrote that he would be worth more than $100 million if he had spent the money he paid Apple for computers on their stock instead.

Business Insider said that spending the $399 cost of the original iPod in 1992 on Apple stock would be worth $26,374 in 2013.

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  1. I was never really an Apple fan until I got an Iphone 3, I loved that phone, a sort-of pioneer in the mobile phone world. Then I got an Ipad 2, once again I fell in love, but something happened to Apple that changed my mind and I now despise Apple. That thing was ios 7 and I have now moved to Samsung. Farewell Apple, you were once my friend, but now I would not spit on you were you on fire…

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