Android rising, Apple iPhone declining in mobile web use

Blackberry and Apple iOS yield market share to Google Android devices

Apple’s share of internet traffic is dropping, Android now 1/4 of use

This has nothing to do with how many smartphones or tablets are sold but everything to do with what people are using to get on the mobile internet.
Apple used to own this market with 68% of user traffic. They are down to 56%
Android devices are up from 9% to 25% from May 2009 and obviously on the rise.
Blackberry is down from 12% to 9%.
There are plenty of statistical reports on this market. They all show a trend upwards for Android.
There are more Android devices on the market these days and with Android you can see more sites than with Apple iOS.
For instance, our tracking of Hurricane / Tropical Storm Earl from StormPulse could not be seen on an iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch. The site uses Flash animation.
That is only one example of how Apple frustrates its customers every day.

Source Quantcast, suggested by Engadget.

By Stephen Pate, NJN Network

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