Contact Lenses to compete with Google Glasses showcased at CES 2014

This year's CES has seen a lot of new and exciting products being showcased and there has a been a lot of new wearable gadgets being revealed at the show. Samsung is expected to showcase it's next Gear device which is getting a lot of people excited but there is a new player in the scene and it is bringing something revolutionary to the wearable technology game.

A Washington based company called Innovega has just unveiled a nano-tech a pair of contact lenses that coupled with a special glass can display a virtual canvas . The device has been named  "iOptik"  and promises to be able to display more content on screen than the Google Glass device.  An image released by the company shows a total of five images being displayed on the screen of the device.

Google Glass alternative launched

But don't get too excited about the iOptik  device coming out soon as the company doesn't plan on selling the device any time soon. The company instead expects to be able to find potential manufacturers who are willing to pay it a licence fee to use it in their devices. Also, the device needs to be approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) before it can be ready for manufacturing and the company is expected to do so only by late this year.

Whether the device is ready for sale or not, the iOptik seems like a pretty good piece of wearable technology.

By Stephen Pate, NJN Network

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