How to Recycle Gold

How to Recycle Gold
Nokia says recycle your old cellphones and chargers to save the world

By Stephen Pate – Do you hang onto old cellphones, wall warts and other electronic junk?

I do. Maybe someday they will come back in vogue or be part of my electronics-I-have-owned museum. In the meantime my house is full of electronic stuff. There is a purple box in the basement full of it. Now I feel guilt because they didn't go to the recycling plant.

Where I live we pay a small fee on all electronics to recycle them after they wear out. But who takes the stuff to the recycling depot? I guess we are supposed to.

One cool thing we do is leave electronics at the curb. During the night, shoemakers elves and neighbors take them away. The rest we have to take to the depot on Saturday.  It does make a difference so let's not throw electronics in the landfill but recycle them.

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By Stephen Pate, NJN Network

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