Intel Core M Tablets For $599

Pricing of Air-thin Intel tablets will deliver Ultrabook performance at half price

By Stephen Pate – As they say in French “quelle surpris!” Intel is pricing the new ultra light ultra light Core M processors at price points from $599 to $799.

Ultra thin Core M Windows 8.1 thinner than iPad Air running normal Windows programs

Announced yesterday at Computex, the new Windows 8.1 Tablet Thinner Than Air will be a game changer with ultra thin size and performance in a Windows tablet.

The 2-1 tablets can function as either an ultrabook or a tablet. The 2-1 category has not been a big hit so far with high prices and lackluster performance. Think of them as your tablet with a keyboard.

The Core M tablets coming later this year will give Windows users more power and convenience than before and put the Intel/Windows platform ahead of Apple’s iPad Air.

“Core M 2 PCs will be aggressively priced over premium tablets,” Intel’s PC client chief Kirk Skaugen said referring to competing devices like the iPad. For a 2-in-1 to be that cheap, it would have to be slightly thicker than the “Llama Mountain” reference PC. “I think Llama Mountain could deliver $799 kind of price points,” he added. “Maybe they go a little thicker, but they’d still be fanless and hit $599, $699.” (Engadget)

Intel Core M Llama Mountain features 12.5&Prime screen, 7.2 mm thin and fanless design

Intel demonstrated a reference device with a Core M tablet code named “Llama Mountain” shown in the picture above. Along with thin format and large clear screen, the fanless design will give users 8-10 hour battery life.

By Stephen Pate, NJN Network

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