Sharing in Edge Windows 10 Does Not Work

Two years later Microsoft has not fixed the simple task of social media sharing

By Stephen Pate – After years of development, Microsoft still has not corrected the bug in the browser that allows you to share pages on Twitter.

When I tried to tweet a story on the Ghomeshi sex assault trial from Canadaland, the browser picked up the link without shortening it but did not get the featured image or the headline.

When I share a link on an iPad or Galaxy tablet, it creates a concise and illustrated tweet.

I noticed this problem with Windows 8 back in 2013 and spent hours with Microsoft support explaining and illustrating the problem. I really had to question my sanity for reporting the bug since the Microsoft Support staff wasted so much time.

At one point, a Microsoft support tech in India took over my computer to watch the process and log it. He concluded lack of Twitter sharing was a program feature. That means, Microsoft coded Windows 8.1 to not share with the Share button. See Windows 8.1 Charms Share Does Not Work.

The same issue occurs across all Windows 10 platforms today – two years later. It’s one of the petty annoyances that make Windows 10 Mobile (formerly Windows Phone 8.1) a mess and losing market share. It’s also one of the many reasons why the Surface Pro tablets are great for business but awful for personal use. I guess Microsoft does not think sharing on your office computer is a valid function.

I sent Microsoft another feedback on the issue but I doubt that it will be fixed any time soon.

PS – The trial as a mixed bag. The defense was able to demonize the victims. Ghomeshi may be acquitted but I doubt his reputation will ever recover.

By Stephen Pate, NJN Network

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