Jade Charme The Sword of Tippu Sultan

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This article was last updated on April 16, 2022

Jade Charme The Sword of Tippu Sultan

Jade Charme The Sword of Tippu Sultan

Episode 1

Good morning, Sis,

I’ve been on the phone all morning making arrangements for all of us to be together for our annual family holiday. Jack will be flying in with The Fam, so we’ll all be together. It will be such great fun. At least I think it will. Diesel found the boomerang and he’s trying to get the hang of it. All I know is that he’s got a nice lump on the back of his head! Here’s hoping that no emergencies crop up along the way to spoil our plans.

I’ve just got this nice little assignment in for you. You’ll love it. First Class to India, staying at the Palace of the Maharaja of Khandhipur, then off to U.K. to our friends at the London Museum Royale. It seems that the Maharaja is one of our father’s old friends from his days as Ambassador. The Maharaja is making a gift of the legendary Sword of Tippu Sultan, a jewel encrusted solid gold handled sword.

Your assignment is to safely escort the legendary Sword of Tippu Sultan to the museum, our client. You won’t have to do anything with it. It was specially tagged and authenticated years ago and sealed into a special temperature controlled case. Your only job is to collect it, eat as much great curried food as you can at the palace, and deliver it. Open and shut! Be sure to pack whatever you’ll need to bring here, because instead of returning you back to SF, I’ve got you booked to leave straight from U.K, when you finish the job. You’ll also have some time to enjoy a little fun, as a guest of the Maharaja and his wife.

The dossier and your tickets are attached below. Everything here is great otherwise. I’m dusting off the old film projector and sorting through old film reels for a movie night. We’ll all have fun watching those old black and white films and slides.



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