Stunning Makeup Looks For Prom

Right about now every high-school senior is studiously prepping for final exams and filling out all the appropriate pre-college paperwork — not. If you see a teenager toting a computer, they're just as likely to be scrolling through Pinterest for formal outfit ideas and arranging post-prom plans in the group chat as they are to be cramming for that math final.

And if you're the one scrolling through prom ideas on a study break, don't forget to save some ideas for your makeup. While you probably had the prom dress picked out months ago (the big dance also served as a distraction during midterms), it can be easy to forget about the smaller details. But remember: This makeup look will be frozen in time on your parents mantle for the rest of your life (adults are sentimental like that). So, it's important to choose something that you love.

Ahead, we've put together a few prom-perfect looks that are far from basic. These makeup looks — whether a bold cat-eye or an unexpected pop of color —will complement your outfit and stand out in the official prom photo.

These glossy lids have an otherworldly glow. The iridescent eye makeup will catch the light on the dance floor, and you'll stand out in every selfie you take.

Speaking of celestial, this metallic eye changes color in the light, meaning it looks good from every angle.

If contoured cheeks are your thing, go all in for prom night. Add on an extra layer of highlight and an orange lip while you're at it.

Forget jewelry and accessorize with your makeup. These bedazzled lids will surely win you the "Most Likely To Shine" award in the yearbook.

Play with color — whether that's to match your outfit or contrast it. Take inspiration from this look by Sir John that has fuchsia pink above and under the eyes. If you look closer, you'll see there's also gold flecks on the lids for added drama.

Don't let those art classes from freshman year go to waste. Live out your creativity with a floating-crease liner look that requires drawing outside the lines.

The party doesn't start until you walk in wearing glitter lipstick. It's the unexpected sparkle that will transform your entire look.

You can never go wrong with a smoky cat-eye. Pile on the black liner and add black shadow at the outer crease à la Sophie Turner for a striking profile shot.

Or, go graphic with your cat-eye. The star of this makeup look is the emerald, metallic shadow that's streaked across Hannah Bronfman's lids.

If natural makeup is more your style, keep it light with a bit of coverage and a subtle highlight all over. It's about being comfortable as you dance to Ariana Grande and Khalid with your high-school clique.

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