Happy 166th Annual Fall Fair of Georgetown, Ontario

“No man can taste the fruits of autumn while he is delighting his scent with the flowers of spring.” Samuel Johnson (Sep. 18. 1709-Dec. 13. 1784.)

He was often referred towards Dr. Johnson who was an English author making tremendous input towards journalism as a poet, literary critic, essayist, moralist, editor, lexicographer and biographer. I admire one of his many quotes throughout literature, this one in particular for it relates towards autumn and the topic of this article regarding the annual fall fair held in Georgetown.

This year the theme of the events hosted at the annual fall fair is a chicken and every year we celebrate the coming of fall at the fair with a new animal each year. This event is a great asset towards the local community as it brings everyone together to appreciate the coming of fall through a fair. I like it because it’s like celebrating the end of summer and that feeling of going back-to-school after a long period of time. One of the aspects of this fair is the diversity within it because of the different events such as the farmer’s tents and the agriculture tent which teaches you a lot about the life of a local farmer and helps you to appreciate the reason for getting local food at ease.

An event that I volunteered at during the last fall fair and enjoyed a lot would definitely have to be the pet show. At first, it was a bit overwhelming seeing all these different pets and having to handle them with such care and attention. But after awhile I got used to the environment around me and had a lot of fun watching dogs and cats perform unbelievable tricks in my local town. It was a unique experience to volunteer/ learn about and I would definitely recommend this experience to someone who likes pets and enjoys dealing with the uniqueness of this specific pet show.

Last but not least would be the rides such as the Ferris wheel or even fast thrilling rides that are located just within our very own town for three days straight. The rides can be enjoyed within the rest of these events such as meeting animals or people who are doing amazing tricks on dirt bikes. They have tons of events for animal-lovers, curious minds, adrenaline-seekers and for the people who just like to lay back and enjoy the fact that it’s finally autumn.

If you are not one of these people I will still guarantee that you will have fun with this year’s traditional 166th fall fair “chicken-style!”  


  1. Wow! What a great way to celebrate this festival!! Way to go Harnoor. Thank you for sharing this article with your readers. I remembered you dancing on this show during this event in 2010:) It was a great hit and we all enjoyed your hip hop routine. Keep up the good works and keep inspiring others!!!!

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