Gracie’s Amazing Adventures in YogaLand: Where Everything is Pink AND Perfect

Acharya Sri Khadi Madama

Acharya Sri Khadi Madama

Episode – 9

As she readied for school, Gracie just decided to go along with what Ganesha referred to as her Sadhana, content that all questions swirling in her mind would be revealed to her at some point. She did have one important question as to how to carry her Yoga mat to bring with her, because today was her first class at the studio, after school. No better time to use her pink holographic YogaPhone. She took some pink glitter, sprinkled it over her left palm and voila, the phone appeared. Pushing gently on the pink “?” key, she heard Ganesha’s voice say, “Hello, if you think it’s pink, it is!” Gracie blurted out “Hello Ganesha, what should I pack my Yoga mat into to bring with me?” Ganesha laughed out loud again with his usual jolly laugh. “Oh, I did forget to tell you about that. Just fold it up and put it into your pocket so it will always be handy”, he said. Dumbfounded, Gracie looked at the large, plush mat and wondered how that was going to happen, but she followed instructions and sure enough, it folded up to no more thickness than a dollar bill. “Got it”, Gracie answered back. “And, Thanks”. “No problem is too pink”, Ganesha replied. They both signed off and Gracie, sure enough, arrived at school in perfect time after kissing her mother good bye at the front door upon leaving.

Today at school the History teacher was going to begin to focus on one of Gracie’s favorite subjects, the sinking of the Titanic. Gracie sometimes had weird dreams that she was on board and had magic powers that saved Titanic from it’s watery grave. The dreams were always vivid and upon awakening from them, Gracie felt a profound sense of peace that she had somehow saved all those lives. Gracie had listened to, read, attended every Titanic lecture and exhibit and watched everything about Titanic. And, always when it came time for the fatal moment, somehow believed it would end with Titanic being saved. Of course, that wasn’t what was going to happen but Gracie always held out that Titanic could have, should have, not sunk!

She was very distracted today at school because it was the first day that she would be going to the Yoga class at the studio. Somewhere during the middle of the first class after lunch, Gracie remembered that she was functioning in YogaLand time. Not being the kind of girl who would take unfair advantage of anything, she found herself wrestling with the thought of using the X17 to get her through school much faster. Dare she try that, just this once before the anticipation of going to her first Yoga class became too overwhelming? “Hmmm”, she hummed out loud. Then thought better of it because she wasn’t sure if it was the right thing to do. She decided to tough it out and finish the day as usual, as she drifted in and out of thoughts of Titanic.

Gracie rushed passed the crowd of students when school let out and found her way to the Lakshmi School of Yoga, with its’ welcoming pink door, golden arches and pretty marigold flowers. When she went to open the door, however, it was locked! Mentally she went over the short check list. Right day, check; right time, check; not a holiday, check; no notice on the door with an explanation that classes were cancelled, check. “Hmm”, Gracie hummed out loud again, perplexed. Suddenly she felt a little nipping at her heels. It was Musika. His little voice said, “why don’t you just knock on the door anyway?” So Gracie did. First a light tap and then a slightly louder tap. Then she waited. Nothing. Then she tapped a little more impressively for a girl her age. In a few minutes, an elderly man opened the door to her and asked her to come in. Gracie remembered what her father always taught her when she was young about being alone with strangers, and so she was very cautious. Musika lept up onto her shoulder so he could whisper into her ear. “Go on, Gracie, it’s ok!” After all, advice from a small pink rat can’t be taken too lightly, she thought to herself, so she stepped over the threshold of the doorway.

End of Chapter 1

To be continued . . . !

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Author, Speaker and Visionary, Acharya Sri Khadi Madama is the recipient of the Jewel of India Award, in New Delhi in 2009. You may visit her website at

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