Wanna go back-packing? Here’s how

Overnight trips maybe easy, but week-long affairs can turn into a nightmare when you’re caught without your pants.. literally. This comprehensive guide to packing it all in could save you some last minute headaches.

List it out: Making a list of what you need is a great way to edit out those guilty indulgences that take up too much space.

Keeping the location and the duration of the trip in mind helps in saving space. There’s no point in packing heels if you’re going trekking right?

Fold or roll: While many experts say that rolling t-shirts and kurtis helps save space, it may be easier to stack them over each other with minimal folding.

Not only does this ensure fewer creases, but it also allows you to stuff shoes, belts and other small items in the corners of the suitcase. Of course this only works for long vacations where you won’t mind emptying the bag to get to the bottom.

Editing: Why carry ten shirts when you know you’re only going to need two. The key is to pack a versatile dress with the right choice of accessories that can transform it for any occasion. Block coloured sheaths can be paired with black pumps and pearls for a formal dinner or boots and chunky bracelets for a pub-hopping spree.

Guys should carry a pair of dark jeans that can be paired with formal shirts and leather shoes, but will look just as good with a T-shirt and sandal combo.

Grooming: If you’re not fussy about specific products, don’t waste precious space carrying bottles and tubes from home.

Or you could transfer a little of that conditioner you love into a smaller bottle for smarter travel. Put liquids into outer zip pockets.. far away from clothes and leathers.

And finally, make sure you carry a foldable bag which you can use in case of an emergency.. like a shopping spree that you couldn’t stop. It’s always better to be prepared.


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