Florida Gambling Laws: History and Today’s State

In the goal to make gambling fairer and to regulate the industry, the foremost challenge created by all nations is to introduce laws. Each country has its own gambling laws and regulations which really depend on the state. In Florida, gambling laws are complicated because this Sunshine State has legalized many types of gambling activities but has banned some. 

In fact, Florida was the first state that legalized horse and greyhound racing and it was also a pioneer of many types of gambling new sites this year in the South Atlantic States. Nevertheless, this state cannot regulate online gambling as well as the casinos that offer games of chance. Therefore, not all forms of gambling are legal in Florida because its laws prohibit some types of gambling activities there.

Florida Gambling History

Henry Flagler is a renowned name related to gambling in Florida. This American industrialist built the first illegal casino at St. Augustine which was for the high-rollers. Flagger strangely built both a casino and a church next to his resorts.

-The legalization of the slot machines was in 1935 which was unfortunately banned 2 years later after a vote.

-Bolita has an important place in Florida's history. This game meaning ‘Little Ball’ was from Cuba in the 1920s and has controlled by the Mob until the 1940s.

-In 1979, a high-stakes bingo hall was opened by the Seminole tribe and despite many attempts to close it, the tribe won during the US Court of Appeals. The lottery was approved by Florida voters in 1986.

-The casinos of Miami-Dade and Broward were opened in 2004 after the referendum but the games were limited to slot machines. And the Seminoles take advantage of this by expanding their slots which were the beginning of the casino's progression. Then, both Seminole and County casinos offer other games like video poker, table games, and many others.

-The live poker venues have grown throughout Florida in 2010 and the max bet of the poker was reduced $2.

-In 2013, Internet cafes were banned and computers and mobile devices were also prohibited as they encourage people to gamble.

What are the Laws Regarding Gambling in the Sunshine State?

As mentioned above, Florida has changed its gambling laws many times. The state has the role to assume if the game is inherent. All the gambling activities have, actually, succumbed to the law there. Skill games are illegal in Florida unless specific exceptions. Operating online casinos is banned as well but the players can play web casinos. 

As a matter of fact, the punters are permitted to gamble at any international casino and betting site that doesn’t break a rule. Nonetheless, these internet casinos approve deposits and withdrawals from the gamblers based in Florida. Many offshore casinos, thus, accept bettors in Florida.

Concerning the legal forms of gambling in Florida, the state has approved some of the gambling activities. As long as card games and poker are not permitted to take winnings over the total of $10 in a single hand or round, they can be played there. Live poker games are also allowed and since 2008, this gambling activity has become attractive because the maximum betting amount was changed up to $100.

Lawmakers are Looking to Change Florida Gambling Laws

Fortunately, House and Senate leaders are reconsidering the state system related to blocking gambling which is one of the most complicated issues of the legislature. This can be, obviously, good news for the gambling operators as well as the Florida-based gamblers. 

The real approach to gambling laws is paramount. Moreover, future expansion of gambling is also great hope to the gambling industries and the aficionados. As this field has suffered for years, this gambling legislation will bring success to gambling in Florida.

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