A visitor’s guide to staying safe in LA

This article was last updated on April 16, 2022

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visitor’s guide staying safe LA,

When it comes to travel, California is always a good idea. The gold coast, on the western side of the United States of America, has been attracting tourists for decades. Those who are looking for sun-kissed beaches, vast mountain ranges and stunning forests, all whilst under the iconic Hollywood sign won’t be disappointed.

You’ll find LA in the south of the state, and it’s the beating heart of the TV and film industry. Those looking for world-famous landmarks and tourist destinations are truly spoilt. With film studios to tour, celebrity homes to spot and of course mouth-watering cuisine to indulge in, it’s difficult to know where to begin!

But, before you plan your trip to LA it makes sense to read up on how you and your family can enjoy a risk-free and uneventful visit. Keeping yourself safe whilst visiting LA means you’re more likely to enjoy your trip and avoid spending any time in the local emergency room. Click the link if you want to speak to a PI Lawyer from Los Angeles.

To get you started, we’ve created a simple guide to help visitors stay safe in LA.

Be wary of certain areas

LA is classed as a friendly and ultimately safe city for tourists. But, just like any city in the world, there are areas that visitors are advised visiting against, or at least visiting alone. Certain neighborhoods in the San Fernando Valley region of the city should be avoided. You should also keep away from Skid-Row, Pico-Union and South Central.

Just make sure your travel plans avoid these areas and you’ll be just fine.

Be hotel room safe

Just like in any hotel room anywhere in the world, you should exercise caution and common sense. Never answer the door to anyone you don’t know or haven’t called for. If unsure, call down to the front desk. Always check your door is locked when you leave and place the Do Not Disturb sign on your door. Many travelers also leave the TV on for added security to create the illusion that the room is still occupied.

When using a car

Many tourists opt to drive around LA – if this is your intention then be smart. Never leave valuables in the vehicle, especially ones that are visible to opportunist thieves. Always lock your vehicle, even when at the gas station.

When you’re sightseeing

Again, like in many cities across the world, pickpockets can be commonplace. So, stay one step ahead and ensure your money, wallet or cards are well hidden. Never take all your money out with you and keep it close to your body, as if you are pickpocketed you could be stranded without any money. Be mindful of people around you. Someone just barged into you? It could be a pickpocket (or a gang) at work. Hold onto your valuables.

And finally, in restaurants

Never put your handbag or backpack on the back of a seat. Avoid leaving your purse on the table – you might think you have your eye on it, but all it takes is a distraction and you could have all your cards and money stolen. If you hand over your coat to the staff, never leave anything valuable in your pockets.

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