Should You Consider a Career in Healthcare Management?

Healthcare management can be an interesting career choice for anyone who is already in the field and wants a change of pace, or anyone who wants to work in healthcare, but not in a clinical role. Healthcare managers play a very important role in healthcare facilities, and we can expect to see an increase in demand for healthcare administrators across the nation. There are also tons of benefits in working in this field, and more people are considering the profession as a result. Let’s take a look at why you should consider a career in healthcare management.

It Could Allow Career Healthcare Providers to Switch

If you’re already in healthcare, becoming an administrator would be a natural transition and could also be a way to extend your career. For instance, many surgeons move into hospital management at the end of their careers because they lose the delicate motor skills necessary to work in surgery as they age.

Whether scheduling surgeries or mentoring younger medical professionals, shifting to a career in healthcare management allows them to continue helping patients. Many nurses also tend to shift to management as they develop muscle strains or arthritis, limiting their ability to walk their rounds or move patients.

What sets career healthcare professionals apart from those coming fresh from school is that they have on the floor expertise that allows them to see problems from a different angle. They are more equipped to come up with practical solutions that could actually help those on the ground.

Those who are coming from a strictly academic standpoint can sometimes have a disconnect, and try to implement policies that are actually unworkable, or could be met with resistance from frontline workers. Nurses and physicians, on the other hand, will have a better grasp of the human aspect of any policy. They will also be better at fostering morale and increasing retention rates.

Getting Your Degree is now Easier than Ever

Another reason why you should consider moving into healthcare management is how easy it is to get a degree nowadays. There was a time when nurses only had the option of quitting their current position or studying for a course part-time. But today, nurses and other professionals can get their online MHA program from an accredited school in as little as 27 months.

Here are some of the benefits of doing your degree online:

-You’ll be more familiar with recent collaboration tools

-Take classes on your own schedule

-Get the same qualifications and education as traditional schools

-Meet nurses from all over the world

-Save money on transit

-Avoid faculty shortages

Online classes are just as rigorous as traditional classes and are perfect for any healthcare professional who wants to gain more expertise and take advantage of advancement opportunities. This could also be a great stepping-stone if you ever intend to start a clinic, for instance. Having an MHA in your back pocket will open many doors for you and will make you much more well-rounded. Not to mention that these credentials are in high demand in certain overseas markets.

This is also a great option for people who have other commitments or a family.

“All my courses are online, and I set my own hours,” said student and mother, Angela Lehoux. “I also have the support of my family to help me with anything else that needs to be done, so this makes things easier for me.”

Career Shifts from Other Disciplines

Healthcare management could also be a great option for someone with complementary skills who would like to open themselves to more opportunities. Healthcare is now so complex and specialized that it is much harder to step into a healthcare supporting role without additional training.

For example, electronic medical records systems and digital imaging file systems rely on software and often hardware very different from the typical IT department. Those with a background in IT could use these skills and pursue a healthcare administration degree if they want to work specifically with healthcare facilities.

Distributed Healthcare Networks Are Increasing Demand

There is also an increase in demand from distributed healthcare networks for students with health administration degrees. These management skills are necessary for the back office when you’re sending digital recordings of conversations to crowd sourcing platforms for transcription, electronic medical records to cloud storage providers, managing customer relationship management software, and dealing with the outsourced providers for these services on a regular basis instead of a few employees in-house and on-site.

The matter becomes much more complex when the medical manager has to negotiate contracts with labs, review service level agreements with your outsourced medical IT services provider, and hire contract physician assistants. This is why there is a constant need for new talent who are familiar with new tools and methodologies.

You Want to Work in Medicine without the Mess

Working in healthcare administration is also a great option if you wanted to work in healthcare but didn’t want to deal directly with patients. However, healthcare administrators are needed and play a very important role. Some of the responsibilities of healthcare administrators include:

-Preparing reports and monitoring department budgets

-Keeping detailed records office and medical supplies on stock

-Informing employees of changes and policies

-Developing schedules

-Coordinating with nurses and doctors to identify their needs and issues

-Respond to questions from patients, and healthcare professionals in a timely manner

As an administrator, you coordinate care as a care manager for complex cases or keep a department running smoothly so that hundreds of patients receive flawless medical care without confusion. This could be a very fulfilling role, and you’ll have a direct impact on the quality of care of either departments or facilities as a whole. You will also feel satisfaction in making the jobs of nurses easier and making sure that they also feel fulfilled in their roles.

So, as you can see, there are tons of reasons why choosing a career in healthcare management could be a great decision. Whether you’re already in the field or were considering entering it, make sure that you know exactly what the job entails, and if it is truly the right choice for you.

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