The Basis of Affiliate Marketing in High-Pressure Industries

Affiliate marketing can be hit or miss, but there is a booming trend in a selection of high-pressured and competitive industries. Here we'll explain the basics of affiliate marketing and how it can be done, and then discuss the sectors that typically benefit from this type of advertising the most.

What Is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate marketing is when one entity promotes another business and its products and services. The entity doing the marketing is an affiliate because it is associated with the company through the advertising strategy, but it is not the same business. For example, Business A may promote Business B's products on its website and, in return, receives a commission on any customers that came from Business A's website. This is what influencers do through social media when promoting products.

Speaking to one of the leading UK brands about marketing their UK casino site – they explained that a website may promote the casino through mailers, affiliate links on their site, social or PPC and receive either a CPA (Cost per Acquisition) or percentage of revenue generated by their referred players (Revenue Share) in return for their affiliate efforts.

Affiliate Programmes

Some of the biggest companies in the world will offer affiliate programmes. This is when anybody can sign up to become an affiliate marketer and promote your products and services using special links that can automatically count the success of their marketing. Amazon is a well-known platform that has an affiliate programme.

However, just because anyone can do it doesn’t mean they should. Success in this field requires excellent reach off the back of investment in a website and content.

Typical Marketing Methods

The overall aim of an affiliate marketer is to move the person from one web page to the company’s website they are marketing for. There are different ways of doing this, with most of them being online:

·       Creating links between your web pages and theirs
·       Adding links from your video content to their website
·       Social selling from your social media accounts
·       Writing direct product reviews about an item they sell
·       Including SEO backlinks from your website blog to their website service pages

There are offline methods of affiliate marketing as well, including sending vouchers and discount codes to your own buyers for the other company’s products and services.  

Does Affiliate Marketing Make a Difference?

This type of marketing can make a difference if it is done correctly. But like any other form of advertising, cutting corners and putting in minimal effort will not reap the best results. Affiliates are most effective in highly competitive and high-pressure industries where the market is saturated with options. In these instances, it can help hoover up more of the market that may be undecided.

Some examples of the industries that benefit most from this specialised activity are:

·       The gambling industry
·       Digital services industry
·       Website design
·       Trading and investment platforms
·       Skincare

If you're a business in these industries, it would be wise to consider the affiliate model. You should examine other ways to automate sales outreach as well!

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