Adnan gives periodic flavour in ‘1920’

This article was last updated on April 16, 2022

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Film: ‘1920’; Music Director: Adnan Sami; Lyricist: Sameer; Singers: Pandit Jasraj, Asha Bhosle, Kailash Kher, Parveen Sultana and Shubha Mudgal; Rating: **

Thrillers are Vikram Bhatt’s forte and he’s back with yet another one titled ‘1920’. The music for such a film should have more situational appeal. Music composer Adnan Sami, along with lyricist Sameer, does exactly that. He presents seven such tracks and most of them have powerful singers to back it.

The album starts with classical singer Pandit Jasraj’s song titled ‘Vaada tumse hai vaada’. The splendid rendition by the maestro stands out in this track more than anything else. While Adnan also demonstrates great talent in mixing Indian music with Western, it is Panditji’s performance that catapults its popularity.

Shubha Mudgal sings next. Titled ‘Bichua’, it is an item number and has a huge rustic feel to it. But Mudgal, who created waves with ‘Ab ke Saawan’, sounds raw in this piece. In addition, Sameer’s lyrics are quite drab.

‘Aise jalta hai jiya’ marks the return of a voice, not heard for long. Asha Bhosle, who is heard rarely these days, renders this solo piece and as usual, makes it sound like a fairly easy job. Though her rendition is melodious to the core, the track doesn’t have much of a life.

‘Tujhe main pyar karu’ may initially sound like a wonderful piece but disappoints once it progresses. Kailash Kher, known for his splendid renditions, fails to create the same magic in the song. Coincidently, even the composer and the lyricist don’t deliver as well. In short, it is a below average piece.

The best track of the album has been kept for the last. ‘1920 – theme’ is a beautiful amalgamation of the piano with the violin creating an exciting and mysterious mood. Adnan proves his talent with this instrumental piece.

The music of ‘1920’ caters to the periodic era of the movie. Except for tracks like ‘Bichua’, most of the songs have that eternal appeal. While the songs would do fabulously on the big screen, their popularity as individual pieces seems doubtful.

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