EXPECTATIONS One has decent expectations from the music of Wanted. Of course one doesn’t look for a moon from this soundtrack by Sajid-Wajid since the genre and the choice of composers means that the music would primarily be aiming for the gallery. There are slight doubts though on how the music would eventually turn out since Wanted has been in news for close to two years now and there is always a chance of things turning a little stale. This is why one plays on the music with slight apprehensions while hoping that at least a couple of numbers would be fit for a ‘taali maar’ response amongst the audiences.

MUSIC It’s the sound of drum beats that begins the proceedings for ‘Love Me Love Me’. Of course in the very first listening it seems so close to ‘My Love My Love’ [Partner] that had the same team coming together. However, it doesn’t take much time for the song to catch on with the listener in a big way. Wajid, who has increased his signing assignments of late (he was last heard in Kal Kissne Dekha and Paying Guests as well), comes behind the mike for ‘Love Me Love Me’ (which also appears in the ‘remix version’, just like most of the songs in the album) and does justice to suit Salman’s on-screen personality. Along with Amrita Kak, he makes this Jalees Sherwani written number an instant coffee affair that has catchy music to ensure that audiences are engaged while seeing it on the big screen. Kamaal Khan, who sung the popular number ‘O O Jaane Jaana’ [Pyaar Kiya To Darna Kya] a decade back, is heard again in Sameer written ‘Ishq Vishq’. While Suzanne gives the backup vocals for the song, Sunidhi Chauhan makes a belated appearance in this groovy number which is just the right follow up to ‘Love Me Love Me’. The song yet again boasts of a catchy tune and though purists may argue that the song doesn’t offer anything new, the fact remains that the entire project is designed as a Salman Khan mass entertainer which goes back to old school masala entertainment genre. Expect Salman to go berserk in the video of this song (that also has a ‘remix version’ following later) as Kamaal certainly seems to be enjoying his outing. As was expected by this time, it’s time for some ‘thehrav’ in the album and it comes in the form of ‘Dil Leke’. Ok, so one has heard such melodious soothing numbers in earlier Salman films also but yet another addition doesn’t really harm the album. Written by Arun Bhairav, this quintessential number (with some really routine lyrics) has Shaan and Shreya Ghoshal coming together. For Sajid-Wajid too, the song is a good shift from the ‘masti-dhamaal’ music that they have been churning out in dozens and an outing like this, though routine in feel, is a welcome sign. The ‘remix version’ of the song is completely unwarranted though as it is hardly a dance number that required an extra version to be floated out. The album sees a dip though with ‘Le Le Mazaa Le’ that has a Spanish base to it with Carlyta Mouhini and Suzanne coming together for writing and singing the Spanish portions. A barely average track that carries the kind of tune that one has been hearing since the 70s, it only becomes boring after a while. Actually, one looks forward to how the song is picturised because without that, there is absolutely nothing to look forward in ‘Le Le Mazaa Le’ that appears to be a climax track/song set in the villain’s den. Thankfully this number sung by Saumaya Rao, Hrishikesh Kamerkar and Nikita Nigam with lyrics by Wajid and Shaabir Ahmed doesn’t appear in a ‘remix version’.  The orchestra at the beginning of ‘Jalwa’ is so close to that of ‘Dhoom Again’ [Dhoom 2] that one wonders if one is going to hear the same song all over again. However, the similarity ends in a matter of seconds though the mood remains the same via beats and attitude of the song. Reminding of the kind of climax tracks that one saw in many a Manmohan Desai films in the 70s and early 80s, ‘Jalwa’ yet again belongs to old school though there are some peppy elements incorporated via Fx & Url (Earl) arriving on scene. An average number that stays on to be barely situational, this Jalees Sherwani track also appears in a ‘Jalwa On The House remix version’. Now this one indeed plays to the gallery. ‘Tose Pyar Karte Hai’ is the kind of number that is made especially for the UP-Bihar belt and one can announce loud and clear that Sajid-Wajid have a chartbuster in the hands at least in this part of the country. Wajid and Sunidhi Chauhan come together with Fx & Url (Earl) for this ‘masala’ track that stays truly Indian throughout it’s four minute duration and brings back the sound of the 90s. What works in the favor of the song is its fast paced appeal that ensures that Salman Khan would truly enjoy dancing to it’s beats. No wonder, there is a longer five minute long ‘Bhojpuri Makhan Mix’ that ends the album. It won’t be surprising if even the upmarket discotheques pick this one up for the dance floors just for fun! Staying true to the mood and theme of the film, the title song is called ‘Most Wanted Track’. Beginning with now-famous Salman Khan dialogue ‘Ek Baar Jo Maine Commitment Kar Di…..’, ‘Most Wanted Track’ is made of quite a few Salman dialogues in the film that again aim at the gallery. It’s the sound of trumpets that make this number a vintage affair as audiences are transported back into the 70s when orchestra like this was in the vogue. There is also a song piece ‘Teri Yaad Satati Hai’ incorporated in this four minute piece but what one looks forward to are the dialogues that give a clear indication that Wanted is a film that is clearly aimed at the masses.

OVERALL Wanted is a mix affair which still finds itself in the safe zone courtesy at least a couple of numbers that should find good popularity in weeks to come. While ‘Love Me Love Me’ and ‘Ishq Vishq’ are bound to be lapped up by the Salman Khan fans, even ‘Tose Pyar Karte Hai’ would find good response in the interiors of the country. Yes, ‘Le Le Mazaa Le’ is an absolute disappointment while ‘Jalwa’ isn’t any great shakes. Still, ‘Dil Leke’ makes the proceedings a little sober while the signature tune of ‘Most Wanted Track’ should keep the audiences entertained.
OUR PICK(S) ‘Love Me Love Me’, ‘Ishq Vishq’, ‘Tose Pyaar Karte Hai’

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