EXPECTATIONS From a project that carries a title of Fox, one can’t be expecting a true blue musical. A theme song here, a love song there and perhaps a couple of item numbers – that’s what searches in Fox that has music by Monty Singh and lyrics by Sandeep Nath.

MUSIC First to come is ‘Advocat De Satan’ that indeed has a Satanic feel to it as it narrates the story of an advocate who could well be a devil for the society as his job is to save criminals from being punished by the court of law. A theme track that has Kunal Ganjawala flexing his vocal chord, it can be expected to play on at multiple junctures in the film as the character played by Arjun Rampal makes his moves. Strictly situational and only for the film’s background, the song has a mix of English and Hindi lyrics. Next to come is ‘Zindagi’ which starts off with the sound of a piano and has a 90s feel to it. This time around, Kunal Ganjawala is joined by Shreya Ghoshal and while the two singers do infuse a pop element in the song by means of their rendition, ‘Zindagi’ still carries a dull feel to it. A song about looking forward to life, surprisingly ‘Zindagi’ doesn’t infuse much life in the proceedings. A song of seduction comes next with Akriti Kakkar going solo with ‘Jashn Jashn’. Yet again, the song doesn’t quite make you jump from your seat and look forward to the video since it sounds a little outdated and not really in synch with the current times. It is surprising to see a lack of chartbuster number in the album so far since director Deepak Tijori has earlier enjoyed musical success coming his way by means of Tom Dick and Harry as well as lesser known Fareb. However, ‘Jashn Jashn’ tries to be a ‘Lazy Lamhe’ [Thoda Pyaar Thoda Magic] but doesn’t manage to cover an entire distance.  With the name Sunidhi Chauhan coming on the credits, one tends to believe that finally there would be an item number and it would bring in some spark to Fox. The club beginning of ‘Josh Josh’ also strengthens your belief further but the moment Sunidhi and Kunal Ganjawala start crooning, it is back to being square one. It’s not just the lyrics that are ordinary, even the music leaves a lot to be desired. Barely passable. Finally comes the man who can always be trusted to do the job and expectedly he doesn’t disappoint. It’s K.K. singing a song this time around and he is good once again as he gets behind the mike for ‘Yadein’. Not that the tune is any great shakes but it is K.K.’s commitment and passion for singing that makes ‘Yadein’ a reasonably decent hearing at least. A fast paced situational number about a protagonist trying to find his way out of the mess he has found himself in, ‘Yadein’ should do well again in the background, especially due to its Western setting.
OVERALL Fox turns out to be the kind of album that one believed it would be from the very beginning. No expectations, no major disappointment. While the music isn’t really the kind that would make audiences interested in the film, it now has to be seen how Fox turns out to be when watched on screen.
OUR PICK(S) ‘Yadein”

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