Fruit & Nut

EXPECTATIONS Nil. Main reason being that the title by itself is such inconsequential and doesn’t give any hint whatsoever of what the film is all about. The same holds true for the music (composed by Sangeet Haldipur and Siddharth Haldipur with lyrics by Saajan Aggarwal) as well that has silently arrived on the stands.

MUSIC ‘Heeriye’, ‘jaaniye’ and stuff alike is heard in ‘bhangra’ track ‘Bhangda Paale – Moovam 2 Da Groovam’ which as inconsequential as the title of the film. Seemingly created in one day flat with no novelty whatsoever, ‘Bhangda Paale’ is crooned by newcomer Neeti Muhan who does try to bring in some spunk into this heard-before track that doesn’t quite make you jump with joy and land on the dance floors. Composers Sangeet Haldipur and Siddharth Haldipur also come behind the mike but the song primarily belongs to Neeti. The ‘remix version’, which actually is quite an odd hear, also sees Mahua joining Neeti behind the mike.  The title song comes next and the beginning is akin to the kind of portions that one hears as a part of Salim-Sulaiman background score. However, the moment Kailash Kher begins singing ‘Fruit & Nut – Chabaieley’, the entire arrangement of beats is completely out of synch. In fact one wonders if the composers (who also sing the chorus part) had even bothered to hear the final track since the utter lack of coordination between the voice and beats is simply so obvious. Even otherwise, the song doesn’t have any life outside the film’s narrative. The ‘remix version’ though is comparatively more energetic, courtesy an out and out Western treatment that it gets. Boman Irani’s introduction song, ‘Khabardar’, comes in next. Incidentally this jazz track has him as singer as well as gets into an Austin Powers mode with self parody taking centre stage. A song about a man who has high degree of confidence around him and knows that he has in him to take over the world, the song is completely situational. Also, considering the genre of the song that allowed Boman to be just himself without worrying too much about ‘sur’ and lyrics, he does a fair job.  In a movie supposed to be a comedy, it is surprising to see a slow, painful and a sad track coming up next. Titled ‘Andhera Hain’, this song crooned by Sangeet Haldipur, Mani Mahadevan and Siddharth Haldipur narrates the mental state of the lead protagonist who has been left alone and doesn’t have anywhere to go. Yet another hardcore situational track that doesn’t quite make you go and play the album all over again even as the song sees a ‘reprise version’ (a Sangeet Haldipur solo) for itself.
OVERALL Fruit and Nut is a forgettable album that doesn’t have anything in it that would make you recommend friends to go and pick it up from the stores. Also the situational feel of the songs further restrict their shelf life. There is not even a single song that has in it to go an extra distance.

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