EXPECTATIONS: This album may have gone unnoticed if not for the presence of a certain Akshay Kumar who has kick started the promotion of Jumbo with a promotional music video ‘Everything Gonna Be Alright’. It is entirely due to this music video that one indeed looks forward to what exactly is in store in the soundtrack of this animation film which has a Thai origin to it. Though Bollywood hasn’t really experienced even a remotely good soundtrack in the recent times when it comes to animation films (Roadside Romeo, Dashavatar and Bal Ganesha have been disappointing while Return of Hanuman was just average), one is led to show some added faith in Jumbo due to Akshay Kumar connection. Write your own music review of Jumbo MUSIC This is not the first time that composer Ram Sampath is creating music for a film that has an Akshay Kumar tag to it. The two have earlier worked together in Khakee and Family – Ties Of Blood that resulted in popular numbers like ‘Dil Dooba’ and ‘Katra Katra’. While Sampath is responsible for the entire soundtrack of Jumbo, he ensures that Akshay gets his hat trick of chartbuster numbers with him as ‘Everything Gonna Be Alright’ that kick starts the album. A rhythmic hip-hop number that requires just one listening to make it hot favorite to your 2008 collection, ‘Everything Gonna Be Alright’ is a celebration number which goes perfectly well with the image of Akshay Kumar. default-300×250.tpl Number of times it happens that an album loses steam after a high impact opening number. However, the mood of Jumbo continues to be high with the title song ‘Dil Mera Jumbo’ coming next. Set to a Western tune with the phrase ‘I got a big heart’ accompanying the song throughout, ‘Dil Mera Jumbo’ is a cool track that would be loved by not just children but even adults as the playful antics of ‘Jumbo’, the elephant who is the central protagonist of the film, are showcased. A winner tune, it makes it two out of two for Ram Sampath. Now one didn’t see this coming. While love songs have been placed in animation films in the past, never once has a full fledged Bollywood inspired mushy romantic number been incorporated there. However, ‘Chayee Madhoshiyan’ is a kind of number that a Yash Chopra or a Karan Johar would have readily agreed to include for a film starring Shah Rukh Khan and Kajol. Yes, ‘Chayee Madhoshiyan’ is indeed a kind of sugar-n-saccharine number, which though conventional, is still the kind that would be lapped up by the lovers of melodious music. What’s more, the number also appears in a ‘remix version’ which has a style similar to that of ‘Farewell Trance’ [Kabhi Alvida Naa Kehna]. If it wasn’t for Jumbo, ‘Badhte Chalo’ may have easily found a place in a Lagaan or a Chak De India! Though its arrangements too have a Rahman flavor to them, one doesn’t mind that at all since this pre-climax/climax song should make for a good listening due to its high intensity flavor. By now, you get mighty impressed with the soundtrack of Jumbo that packs in a lot more than one would have bargained for. Lastly comes ‘Jaya He’ which is just a follow up to ‘Badhte Chalo’. This is the only song in the album which doesn’t quite make an impression and follows a typical war-cry approach in its arrangements with drum beats and saxophones trying to create a passionate setting but not quite succeeding. However, one chooses to ignore this number due to the quality that the four songs preceding it bring.
LYRICS: Munna Dhiman’s lyrics for ‘Everything Gonna Be Alright’ couldn’t have come at a better time, especially with the world looking at being a better place to live in. The words spun by Dhiman are motivational and encourage people to be together and spread the message of togetherness. Asif Ali Beg’s lyrics for ‘Dil Mera Jumbo’ pack in quite a lot of attitude in this near four minute song which has a mix of Hindi and English lyrics. However, this doesn’t prevent the song from reaching out to audience across the country. Israr Ansari is a relatively new lyricist on the block and he plays it safe with ‘Chayee Madhoshiyan’. Though there isn’t much that you haven’t heard before in this ‘ishq-vishk-pyaar-vyaar’ song, you won’t mind the song playing in a repeat mode at all. Munna Dhiman returns with ‘Badhte Chalo’ and ‘Jaya He’, both of which are motivational numbers about moving ahead towards the face of the challenge without worrying much about the repercussions.

VOCALS: Though Neeraj Sridhar has been the voice of Akshay Kumar in majority of his ‘item’ number hits, it is Kunal Ganjawala who walks away with all the honors as he gets an opportunity to sing ‘Everything Gonna Be Alright’. Just when one had started to believe that Ganjawala was a spent force since he was getting trapped into his ‘Bheege Hoth Tere’ image, he comes up with a cracker of a rendition in ‘Everything Gonna Be Alright’. Url’s rap which is prevalent throughout the song only enhances the impact further. He comes back again in the immediate next number which has Joi driving the show. Just like Kunal, Joi too takes complete advantage of the platform provided to him and passes with flying colors. Recently, Sonu Nigam had a lesser heard ‘Main Mangyasi’ [Heroes] to his credit which unfortunately couldn’t create the ripples that it deserved. However, in his own selective world, Sonu goes on to sing ‘Chayee Madhoshiyan’ and proves yet again that why his presence is being much sought after in the Bollywood musical scene. He is very good in the song and so is Sona Mohapatra who has so far made a very good impression in the Indi-pop world but is taking it slow in the Bollywood scene of things. Her voice is unconventional and composer Ram Sampath makes sure that this very ‘unconventional’ trait is presented to the listeners. Yet again, Sukhwinder Singh is impressive as he gives out the cry of ‘Badhte Chalo’. The man has a thing or two when it comes to songs belonging to this genre and that’s the very reason he is the most sought after when need arises for a song like this. However, Krishna doesn’t come close to Sukhwinder in his rendition of ‘Jaya He’ as he tries to instill a classical flavor to the proceedings.
OVERALL: Jumbo is by far the best soundtrack to have been released for an animation film and that’s because Ram Sampath doesn’t treat it as one. He looks at Jumbo as a feature film with live characters and involves elements like an inspiring item number [‘Everything Gonna Be Alright’], a fun theme song [‘Dil Mera Jumbo’], a love duet [Chayee Madhoshiyan] and a high-on-power climax track [‘Badhte Chalo’], all of which come together to ensure that the soundtrack is yet another added attraction for the film apart from Akshay Kumar.
OUR PICK(S): ‘Everything Gonna Be Alright’,’ Chayee Madhoshiyan’, ‘Dil Mera Jumbo’ [Play Songs]
HOT FAVORITE(S) FOR YOUR MOBILE AND iPOD: Everything Gonna Be Alright, Chayee Madhoshiyan, Dil Mera Jumbo

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