Music Review The Attacks Of 26/11

The Attacks Of 26/11 is neither a musical nor does it warrant situations where item numbers pop out of somewhere. This isn't all as the film isn't a quintessential action thriller either where one expects overtly stylized situational numbers spicing the proceedings. A horde of newcomer composers, lyricists and singers contribute to this 23 minute long album that has five songs.

The album gets a heady kick-start with Rooshin Dalal creating a similar impact with 'Maula Maula' that Ram Gopal Varma had managed with 'Govinda Govinda' (Sarkar). The composer (who is also heard as a singer) does really well in creating the kind of thump which enhances the overall appeal of this Kalgi Thakar written number that fits in perfectly well with the tragic event gone by. There is no respite offered whatsoever in 'Maula Maula' where one can well expect Ram Gopal Varma to go ballistic in his unique shot taking and editing pattern.

'Aatanki Aaye' follows next which is set as a rock outing. Jaspreet Jasz is the chosen one for this Kalgi Thakar number which is about the world getting traumatized by terrorists. The song has a vociferous feel to it, courtesy composers Rooshin Dalal & Kaizad Gherda, who don't let the pace slow down for the soundtrack. While the message is loud and clear that those indulging in violence won't be spared, one still has a mixed feeling about this song which doesn't really go all the way.

Suraj Jagan wears a different hat together for 'Khoon Kharaba Tabaahi' where, instead of getting into a hardcore rock mode, he goes all subtle. This Rashid Iqbal song wonders what makes terrorists indulge in such barbaric acts, what really goes in their mind and how they were allowed to be on the surface of earth at the first place. Amar Mohile treats this song as one of his background scores and that touch is prevalent in the way 'Khoon Kharaaba' is structured.

Mahatma Gandhi's favourite 'bhajan' 'Raghupati Raghav' returns in 'The Attacks of 26/11' with the chorus (comprising of Sanah Moidutty, Anita Sridharan, Bornalee Deuri, Vishal R Khosla, Arun Jugle & team) not taking any time in coming to the point. Composers Vishal R Khosla & Sushil R Khosla aim at making this version a lot more hard hitting, though one again feels that the overall outcome is diluted. Liaqat Jafri's poetry towards the end does make one ponder about the event gone by and one expects it to play on screen during the end credit title rolls. Later, Sukhwinder Singh too comes with his own version.

Expectations are pretty much controlled from the music of The Attacks Of 26/11 as the songs are basically there to aid the background score. In that aspect, the songs do fit in, though just about, with 'Maula Maula' actually managing to leave a good impression. Rest are average to hear and may just enhance the film's narrative to some extent.

Maula Maula, Khoon Kharaba Tabaahi

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