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One doesn't have any clue around where did this film come from; leave aside gathering any expectations whatsoever. On further hunt down the internet, one realizes that 7 Welcome To London is a British Hindi film with local actors and en ensemble music team from Pakistan that has come together for this romantic thriller. Waiting to be surprised, one plays on the album, only to end up exclaiming 'wow' in the very first listening.


Access Band (Asad Ullah Khan, Ashley Clement, Adnan D Khan) brings to fore 'Yaadan' which makes its presence felt within 45 seconds of its play. Right from the beginning to the time the hook-line comes to the rap portion that follows, one is soaked into the world of melody that is thrown in this Punjabi-Hindi-English love song. With a very good rhythm ensuring that the pace is just right and a distinct Pakistani feel enabling the song to stand out, 'Yaadan' also arrives in a 'remix version' and for a good reason. Go for it!

The song that turns out to be even better and instantly catchy is 'Paas Aake' which is an all around show by youngster Sohail Haider. Now this is one song that instantly connects you to the kind of compositions that one has heard in Bollywood romantic peppy outings and Sohail gets the template perfectly right. A smile through number that deserves to find a music video for itself, its strength lies in its simplicity and the fact that it is very easy on ears, right from the vocals, words or core tune perspective. The 'remix version' that follows only aids you in recollecting the song closely, hence making you go for it all over again.

There is some 'thehrav' that comes in the album in the form of 'Berukhi'. Written, composed and sung by Zuj Jibran, it boasts of being third enjoyable number in a row which is just the kind that you expect in a Pakistani pop outing. A fantastic number which boasts of some good Western arrangements keeping the pace on, it makes you hum it along even as the intrinsic mood is sad. By the time this song ends, one is truly intrigued to find out more about not just the rest of the album but even film as a whole. More so since in a romantic thriller like 7 Welcome To London, one waits to see how the songs are integrated.

Zuj Jibran changes his singing pitch for 'Hum Adhoore' which sounds rather odd to begin with, courtesy the manner in which it is rendered. There is a 50's Western classical feel to the style here but soon this song too comes on its own by the time 'antara' portion arrives. A sad number which moves at a decent pace and has minimal instruments playing in the background, 'Hum Adhoore' has a much better middle portion which gives it further edge. Though this one does take time, it grows eventually!

The one that comes straight from Vikram Bhatt's backyard is 'Tera Saath Ho'. In fact the way Falak Shabir puts together this song; one immediately connects it to the kind of tunes that Chirantan Bhatt has composed for Vikram's films like 1920 Evil Returns and Haunted. The kind of pathos that Falak brings in his voice coupled with the fact that his composition is steadily paced with some easy lyrics accompanying it well ensures that 'Tera Saath Ho' is remembered much after one is through listening to it.

He is also the man behind 'Rog' which is a foot tapping number with the kind of beats that hook you on instantly. With hardcore Punjabi forming a strong base for this song to flourish, it is the manner in which Falak caters to his (young) target audience is what impresses the most. A song belonging to this genre has been churned out in dozens for years now but it is Falak's treatment in a Western flavour that makes it special. Moreover, by the time the song appears in its 'remix version', you already know that you would want to revisit the album instantly.


7 Welcome to London is the best soundtrack for a Hindi film to have released this year. Yes, that's true indeed! Though in UK the music has already been out last year, one expects the album to find some good marketing push that would result in the kind of popularity that it truly deserves. In fact, it would be heartbreaking if it doesn't find some good music videos to be unleashed in quick succession. 7 Welcome to London, despite no popular/conventional names associated with it, has in it to cover that distance!


Paas Aake, Rog, Yaadan, Tera Saath Ho, Berukhi

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