EXPECTATIONS: Jugaad – with a title like this, one can hardly have any expectations whatsoever of a musical score that would be anything better than being situational. Since the film belongs to black comedy genre, there isn’t much that one looks forward to from the music here. However, director Anand Kumar has demonstrated a knack for coming up with good music for his films, something that was apparent in his debut attempt Delhi Heights. With hopes of a surprise or two being sprung out of Jugaad, one plays on the album.
MUSIC: Jugaad sees Krishna and Sachin Gupta sharing credits for the music as they compose three songs each. First to come is Krishna composed ‘Tu Hai Rab Mera’ which instantly makes one wonder if the director had made a good choice in naming his film Jugaad! A beautiful composition that has Sufi flavor fused with contemporary Indian melody, ‘Tu Hai Rab Mera’ is extremely soothing. One can’t define any boundaries for this number vis-A -vis storyline or narrative of the film since it can be heard time and again regardless of how and where is it placed in Jugaad. Write your own music review of Jugaad The mood changes with Sachin Gupta composed ‘Kise Awaaz Doon’ which is a bona fide Pakistani pop number. Even though this number, which musically reminds of Atif Aslam, sung ‘Hum Kis Gali Jaa Rahe Hain’, has sad shades to it, contemporary musical arrangements ensure that it doesn’t sound dull at all. The ‘remix version’ peps it up further and one doesn’t mind hearing either of the two versions. Fun is in store with the arrival of ‘Tension Lene Ka Nahi’ which in spirit is the title song of the album. Composed by Sachin Gupta, the number follows a peppy route with rhythm as its driving factor. A catchy number that should do well, if used in right doses throughout the narrative of the film, ‘Tension Lene Ka Nahi’ also comes in the ‘Rock Mix’ version that features the band Ni9Ne. However, there is some disappointment in store with ‘Tabahi Tabahi’ (composed by Sachin Gupta) which just makes you switch over to the next track after the first listening itself. The music too is pedestrian and the number, which seems to be set in a down-market night club/dance bar, is only for the narrative. A song with an anthem feel to it, ‘Mushkil Halato Se Darna Kaisa’ is a kind of number that could well be appearing at numerous junctures in the film’s narrative. The music is just about ordinary here while carrying a jingle feel to it. The album ends with a devotional number ‘Jai Sai Ram’ which maintains a serene feel to it.
LYRICS: Rohit Sharma writes ‘Tu Hai Rab Mera’ and keeps it all simple in this track that reminds one of the soul of ‘Tujhme Rab Dikhta Hai’ [Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi]. Mohd. Nasir writes ‘Kise Awaaz Doon’ which is about a protagonist being all lonely in the times of trouble. A situational track. Written by Sameer, ‘Tension Lene Ka Nahi’ is an optimistic take on trouble surrounding the protagonist and how he could turn around things in his favor with some strings being pulled. ‘Mere Husn Ki Har Ada Hai Tabaahi’ – now what more could be said about this song which is written by Saahiel. Skip it! The lyricist does a better job though with ‘Mushkil Halato Se…’ which, well narrates the fighting spirit of protagonist amidst all the adversities. Priyank Dubey writes ‘Jai Sai Ram’ where the protagonist is looking at the Almighty for bringing his life back on the right path.
VOCALS: Krishna sings ‘Tu Hai Rab Mera’ and as has been in most of the occasions, he does well yet again. He doesn’t go overboard by pitching it up and instead keeps it all restrained and under control. Very well sung by Adeel, ‘Kise Awaaz Doon’ deserves to see some good promotion coming its way. Neeraj Sridhar sounds slightly different than routine in ‘Tension Lene Ka Nahin’ and while he is fine with his rendition, it’s the ‘rock mix’ version with vocals by Aditya Jassi and Sachin Gupta that sounds more fresh. Richa Sharma, which is usually quite dependable, isn’t really impressive in ‘Tabahi Tabahi’ and though Mika Singh still seems to be enjoying the proceedings, overall the song just doesn’t work. Krishna seems to have put on his ‘jingle’ hat on for ‘Mushkil Halato Se…’ due to which the number seems more suited for a commercial rather than a mainstream Hindi film. However, he is far better in ‘Jai Sai Ram’.
OVERALL: In the beginning one thought that Jugaad may not have much to boast about but in the end, it turns out to be a fairly okay soundtrack where most of the songs would go along well into the narrative. Though Jugaad may not be the one on the top of your wish list of albums to pick this week, numbers like ‘Tu Hai Rab Mera’ and ‘Kise Awaaz Doon’ do deserve at least a hear or two.

OUR PICK(S) ‘Tu Hai Rab Mera’ and ‘Kise Awaaz Doon’

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