EXPECTATIONS It is a surprise that the soundtrack of Musaa has actually made it to the stands. Due to a rushed release, both for the movie as well as music, there is zero awareness about the product. Worse, the title gives the impression that the film belongs to the genre which was explored and done away with way back in the 90s when Mithun Chakravorty was running his own Ooty-wood industry. Nevertheless, one plays on the soundtrack of Musaa which has composers Santosh Sharma and Eliyas coming up with three songs apiece. Ibrahim Ashq, Sahani Aslam, Babul and R.K. Laxman contribute with the lyrics.
MUSIC The album opens with an item song ‘Main Ghaghra Chunri Pehne’. With an English rap thrown in, composer Santosh Sharma tries to give the song a chic effect. However, the moment Sunidhi Chauhan begins crooning ‘Main Ghaghra….’ with names of actors like Shah Rukh and Salman thrown in, you know the audience at which the song is targeted at. This is not all as Hrithik, Shahid, Akshay, Saif, Aamir, Kareena, Ash, Shilpa and even Amitabh Bachchan are added as well which only establishes loud and clear that lyricist Sahani Aslam was aiming for the front benchers. Musaa follows a typical dance with romance route with ‘Janiya Teri Hansi Ada’ that follows a template approach. Boasting of the kind of tune that has been done to death dozens of time, ‘Janiya Teri Hansi Ada’ has Kunal Ganjawala and Shreya Ghoshal pairing up to get that ‘young feel’ in. A kind of track that at least comes with scope of some visual appeal despite it’s heard before feel, it is composed by Eliyas with lyrics by Babul. Musaa takes a twist with a kind of song that one didn’t quite expect in a film like this. ‘Waqt Bada Baimaan O Rabba’ is the kind of song that conveys pathos and has a slow pace to it. Written by Ibrahim Ashq, this song could have sounded a little better had the choice of singer been someone other than Zubin Garg. He doesn’t seem to be in the right form here and a dull tune by Eliyas doesn’t help the cause much either. The song that follows isn’t inspiring either as Kailash Kher gets into his ‘Allah Ke Banday’ mode with Sahani Aslam written ‘Mujhko Bas Ek Pyar Dila De’ following the same format, especially in the way the entire ‘mukhda’ has been set up by composer Santosh Sharma. To compensate with the serene mood attempted by couple of songs in a row, Musaa tries to get massy all over again with ‘Ishq Ka Chakhle Gulkand’. As the title of this Babul written song itself suggests, there isn’t much that one can expect to take home. This time around composer Eliyas comes behind the mike as well to come up with one of those rare ‘male item songs’. Does the attempt make much headway? Not really as this one too goes nowhere. Last to come is indeed the kind that that deserved to be placed last in the album. If R.K. Laxman’s lyrics are the kind that have been left back decades back, Santosh Sharma’s music doesn’t have any spark whatsoever in it. Agreed that this is a sad song but the way Zubin Garg sings it, it really sounds terrible. This one has to go down as one of the most boring tracks that one has heard in 2010.
OVERALL Soundtrack of Musaa meets expectations. It doesn’t work. Period.

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