Music Review: Impatient Vivek

EXPECTATIONS With absolutely nothing known about Impatient Vivek, one doesn’t have any expectations whatsoever from the music as well. Add to that an unconventional title like this and one is not even clear about the genre of the film, hence making one further apprehensive about what composers Raja Ali, Neeraj Shrivastava, Shahdaab Bhartya and Anamik Chauhan have to offer.

MUSIC The manner in which ‘Ek Pari Pagal Si’ begins, it reminds one of the many a romantic tracks that have been composed by Pritam in the last 3-4 years, what with an English passage marking a kick start. Neeraj Shrivastava is the composer as well as lyricist here (along with Rahul Seth) and comes up with a passable tune that doesn’t have anything new to offer. What catches one’s attention at this point is the fact that the singer here is Vivek Sudershan who is also the lead in the film. In fact on being looked further, it is revealed that he has actually sung most of the songs in the album. Nevertheless coming back to ‘Ek Pari Pagal Si’, it also has Rahul Seth and Sharmistha coming together with Vivek to create a romantic number that just manages to pass muster even though it is repeated in the ‘Love Reprise’ version. There is an attempt to bring on some fun element with ‘Ye Banda Maskalandar’ which could well have been the title song here, courtesy the words Impatient Vivek at the very start. Trying to bring on a Punjabi fusion here, composer Raja Ali also chips in some rap portions. However, the overall impact created by this Rahat Kazmi written track isn’t anything great to write home about as Vivek Sudershan and Shazneen pair up as singers here. One does feel though that it was actually a wrong choice to have Vivek as a singer here as he doesn’t quite come across as someone for whom singing is the prime profession. However the makers thought otherwise and hence Vivek is heard again in ‘Tujhe Manga Hai’ which is a Nusrat Badr written track. A love song that has been given a sonic feel by composer Raja Ali, ‘Tujhe Manga Hai’ gets into a lovey-dovey mood but doesn’t quite make one ‘impatient’ enough to play it on all over again. The good part though is that it has an uncluttered sound (even in its ‘remix version’), hence being easy on ears. The moment one reads Hariharan’s name on the credits, it is obvious that ‘Pal Hai Makhmali’ would be a poetic soft song. This is exactly what composer Shahdaab Bhartya and lyricist Sanjay Mishra have to offer. The end result is hardly enticing though as the song is totally boring from the word ‘go’. Coming with enough ammunition to put one to instant sleep, ‘Pal Hai Makhmali’ has newcomer Asmita Dhuldhoye pairing up with Hariharan. Thankfully there is some excitement in store with Aamir Ali written ‘Meri Nindiya Udne’ turning out to be the first ever track in the album that actually makes you tap your feet at least. No, it isn’t a great song by any means nor is it the kind that makes one feel that if only it would have come at the top of the album, the results would have been much different. However, the very fact that the songs before these didn’t have much to write home about that one even gladly laps up this average dance track by Raja Ali which is aided by some energetic rendition by Vivek Sudershan and Tarannum Mallik. The title song comes much later in the day with Dominque Cejero and Vivek Sudershan getting together for ‘Impatient Vivek’. An English song written by Binish Khan and put to tune by Anamik Chauhan, one can well expect a music video for this dance track which is actually not bad and does make one tap your feet after it has been heard a couple of times. After a couple of decent tracks (Meri Nindiya Udne, Impatient Vivek) there is a dip in the proceedings once again with ‘Khuraphat’ turning out to be a ‘skip after a single listening itself’ kind of a track. Sounding so much like an early 80s song from the films that starred Mithun Chakravorty, ‘Khuraphat’ is written and composed by Neeraj Shrivastava. Not really going anywhere, ‘Khuraphat’ makes one check out the last song in the album and see if it is any better. What one gets to hear though is a tune which is just not in synch with the rest of the album and is in fact poorly arranged as well. An effort by composer Raja Ali and lyricist Aamir Ali, ‘Ishq Musibat’ is a sad take on love and only becomes further sad due to listless singing by Vivek Sudershan. In fact one deserves a pat on the back for listening to it even once in entirety.

OVERALL Though there was nothing that one expected from Impatient Vivek, it did flatter to deceive at a couple of junctures. However the rest of the album doesn’t even come close to being average hence making one let go off this soundtrack after a single listening itself.

OUR PICK(S) Meri Nindiya Udne

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